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Subject: Chuck’s Temporary Yosemite Number – Volunteers Needed

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Chuck’s Temporary Yosemite Number – Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed -- Greeters at the Gates Program

You are needed.  I know it is a tough weekend.  But so is losing access to Yosemite.
We’ve got some great people pulling the sled this weekend.  We need more.

Just two or three hours on Thursday July 3rd, Friday July 4th or Saturday, July 5th.

Come to any of these three gates:

Highway 120 Entrance at Crane Flat coming from Sonora, Jamestown and Groveland.

Highway 140 Entrance at Arch Rock (coming from Mariposa).

Highway 41 Entrance coming from Fish Camp and Oakhurst.

We’ll be just outside the gate at each Entrance.

A quick question ------

Would you call three other people and tell them about this and ask if they can come?

They do not have to call me but it would help if they called ahead to (209) 962-7643.  That is my temporary working number at Yosemite.  No cell service where I am.

Thank you all who have agreed to help.

Chuck Cushman
American Land Rights
Visitors and Communities for an Open Yosemite

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