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Subject: ESA Votes Postponed Until September/October

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ESA Votes Postponed Until September/October

The events next week in Washington, D.C. on Endangered Species Act Reform were rescheduled Friday night by Congressional leaders until

But you can keep the pressure on Congress to reform ESA:

-----1.  Print out at least one of the Testimony Questionnaires at
www.landrights.org and fax it filled out to your Congressman.  Don’t pay any attention to the deadline date at the top.  They will still work.  We’ll get the dates updated shortly but you are ok to print them as is.   You may call any Congressman to get his fax number at (202) 225-3121.

-----2.  Forward this message to at least five other people.  Also have them fill out a Testimony Questionnaire and fax it to their Congressman.

-----3.  Your Representative will be coming home for the August Recess in a couple of weeks.  Call his or her office to get his schedule for the month of August.  Plan to attend at least one or more event and remind him about your concern for updating and fixing the Endangered Species Act so it protects people as well as species.

Thank you for you effort and continued team play.

American Land Rights will keep you informed about coming events.

Be sure to forward this message as widely as possible.

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