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Subject: Tribal Casino Debate on KATU (2) Town Hall Show Sunday at 6:00 PM

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Tribal Casino Debate on KATU (2) Town Hall Show Sunday at 6:00 PM

Face-off this Sunday on Channel 2 (KATU-Portland) at 6:00.  

Don’t miss this show.  You enjoy it and learn a lot. 

You’ll like this enthusiastic debate between the supporters and opponents of the casinos at the Gorge (Cascade Locks) and the larger one at La Center.  Tribal groups from the Cowlitz, Wind River, and Siletz Tribes were on the show.

Opponents included American Land Rights, Alliance Against Reservation Shopping, Standup for Clark County Citizens, Friends of the Gorge, Grande Ronde Tribe and Citizens Against Reservation Shopping as well as others.

You’ll learn a lot about the pros and cons the spread of these massive new tribal casinos. You’ll find out what the positions of the various groups and speakers are.

It is important for as many people in Oregon and Southwest Washington as possible to watch this show.

Call your neighbors, friends and business associates.

This is your chance to put some faces with all the TV ads and controversy.

Remember Townhall, 6:00 PM this Sunday on Channel 2 (KATU) hosted by Steve Dunn.

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