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For Immediate Release - April 28, 2005
Contact:  Tim Wigley 503-807-8976
As a result of sound scientific research and cooperative efforts with
public and private land owners the ivory billed woodpecker, previously
thought to be extinct, has been discovered on bottom lands in the Delta of
Arkansas. It has been six decades since the woodpecker was last seen.
Many of the forested wetlands in the South were excessively logged in the
early 1900s, significantly decreasing acreage of habitat for the
woodpecker. However, as a result of significant efforts by private
landowners, over one-half million acres of bottomland hardwoods and
wetlands have been restored in the Lower Mississippi River Valley,
providing the ideal habitat for the woodpecker and opportunities for
population expansion and recovery.
According to James L. Cummins, President of the Mississippi River Trust
(www.mississippirivertrust.org), "The discovery of the ivory billed
woodpecker is a celebration of what can occur when good scientific
research is combined with the cooperative efforts of public and private
landowners. Recovery of the woodpecker will not occur through excessive
regulation but rather cooperative efforts between private landowners and
the public to restore bottomland hardwoods and wetlands in the vicinity of
the discovery."
For further information, please go to
www.birdamerica.com/ivorybill/ivorybillwoodpecker.htm or visit


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