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Subject: Montana Special:  Register the Land Trusts!

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Montana Special:  Register the Land Trusts!   

Here is a chance to put a leash on the Nature Conservancy and the other multi-billion dollar "non-profit" real-estate scams!  Register the Land Trusts! 

Montana State Representative Rick Maedje is having a hearing on his bill H.B. 725, which among other things will require licensing of real estate land trusts.  

Realtors and others involved in real estate have regulations they have to follow.  But the Nature Conservancy and the other very profitable "non-profit" land trusts hide behind their "non-profit" status and do not have to register as Realtors. 

***** Rep. Maedje's bill would require land trusts operating on Montana to register as "encumberance brokers" if they seek to place conservation easements on property. *****   


He is having a hearing on H.B. 725  on  THIS  MONDAY,  March 24, at the Montana state capitol building, Room 152.  PLEASE  show up if you can.  

If you cannot, then please send written comments to the chairman of the Montana House Natural Resources Committee, Rep. Cindy Younkin.  Her fax is 406-444-1864.  Any comments relating to reigning in abuses of conservation easements and land trusts are welcome.  You can also email comments to mtrep81@yahoo.com.    

Rep. Maedje is full of good ideas.  He is also considering requiring "non-profit" land trusts to pay capital gains taxes when they turn profits on reselling land to government agencies after buying it from private parties.  THANK  YOU  Rep. Maedje!     

Please forward this message to every person you can in MONTANA!!

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