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Pombo Hangs Tough

The Washington, DC-based publication National Journal for its March 22 edition interviewed the new Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Resources, Property Rights Champion Richard Pombo.  Here is one question and answer from that interview.

You have a very conservative voting record, but your newly drawn congressional district includes some San Francisco suburbs that presumably are more liberal.  Are you moderating your positions to accommodate those new voters?

My positions don't change.  My beliefs don't change.  I believe that we can move forward on modernizing the environmental laws and trying to do a better job of taking care of our environment and removing some of the conflicts that exist with people under our current environment laws.  You can educate yourself and try to understand what the other side's concerns are.  But the beliefs that I ran on, they're part of who I am.


In ten years in Congress, Pombo's lifetime score from the League of Private Property Voters is 100%.  That's not just one year, that's the  AVERAGE  100%.

So hey, the news from Congress ain't all bad!


TELL  Richard Pombo that you wish him luck with his new responsibility as Chairman of the House Resources Committee.  THANK  him for hanging tough all these years, and let him know that you support his efforts to protect private property rights, change the Endangered Species Act and open up public lands for the public.  It is important to tell our allies like Congressman Richard Pombo that we are with them so they will continue to fight the good fight.

Chairman Pombo can be contacted at RPombo@mail.house.gov.

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