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Subject: Secretary Norton Out - Who Will Be In?

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NEWS FLASH -- Interior Secretary Gale Norton has just announced that she will leave office at the end of March, after five years in the job.   

THANK YOU GALE NORTON for your good work!  

PRESIDENT BUSH -- PLEASE nominate someone who will continue Secretary Norton's leadership in protecting private property rights, Endangered Species Act reform, and repairing our existing national park and refuge system while not proposing massive new land grabs. 

"Gale Norton has been a great advocate of protecting private property rights and improving the public's access to public lands.  She has been a friend and ally of our movement.  She has several major accomplishments, including the Healthy Forests Act which protects both people and forests from out of control wildfires, endorsing Endangered Species Act reforms to make the law work for a change, sharply reducing federal land acquisition because the government already owns too much, and greatly increasing the role of land owners and local elected officials in decision making processes," said Chuck Cushman, ALRA Executive Director. 

Cushman added, "I call on President Bush to nominate an advocate who will continue on the path Gale Norton has established of working with private land owners, respecting private property rights and reforming the Endangered Species Act.  Anything less would be a disappointment, and may generate opposition to the nomination from the President's own supporters."      

ACTION ITEM:  Send a message to BOTH of your United States Senators.  Tell them you want a new Secretary of Interior who will be a private property rights advocate and who will protect the public's rights of access to public land!!!      


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