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Subject: TOO  MUCH  FUN  in Dallas!

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COME  ON  DOWN  to Dallas this coming Wednesday!

Join Uncle Sam and other celebrities who will be celebrating with us!

The American Land Rights Association is working with the Texas Chapter of Citizens for a Sound Economy, Texas Citizens Action Network, Free Republic and others on a rally in support of the free enterprise system!!


YOU  can join other believers in  FREEDOM  who are rallying in support of free enterprise and a strong economy!!!

Date:     Wednesday, May 28
Time:     8:00am to 10:00am
Place:     Meyerson Symphony Center,
2301 Flora Street, Downtown Dallas

WHAT  is going on here?  The Exxon-Mobil Corporation's annual meeting is happening in the Meyerson Center at that time.  Enviro extremists such as Greenpeace and the Sierra Club are using this event to promote their agenda of stopping domestic oil production, Save the Whales, global warming and other kooky stuff.

ALRA and the other groups have decided that a Pro-America Rally at the same time and place in support of our country, a strong economy and common sense will show another point of view.  Our rally has all necessary permits, will be positive and fun and will be held across the street from the enviro protest.

If you would like to drive in the night before and need overnight hotel accommodations, call us at 202-210-2357 and we will get a room for you for Tuesday night.

Here are the Area Coordinators:

Dallas Coordinator - Charles Lingerfelt
(972) 286-0606, clinger@juno.com

Houston Area Coordinator  Kaye Goolsby
(218) 492-1181, kayetgoosby@aol.com

Midland/Odessa Coordinator  Jason Moore
(915) 563-2639, masonrybiz@hotmail.com

Austin Area Coordinator  Grace Germany
(512) 457-1911, gracy@Austin.rr.com

Weatherford Coordinator  Janelle Shepard
(817) 875-4502, wjshep@juno.com

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