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Subject: Grassroots ESA Alert – Fly In Schedule Week of Sept. 19th

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Grassroots ESA Alert – Fly In Schedule Week of Sept. 19th

  Here is a little more specific information for the Fly In.

Monday 2:00 pm  1334 Longworth House Office Building.  General ESA meeting including he Grassroots ESA Coalition.  To get into this meeting you need to get confirmed in advance.  

Send an email to ccushman@landrights.org to confirm.  Or you can confirm in advance with Kristin Schrader on the Resources Committee staff at Kristin.Schrader@mail.house.gov.    There will be a list at the door and you will need to confirm in advance to come in.

  Monday 3:30 pm (approximately) 1334 Longworth.  Resources Committee staff
  briefing along with Whip Team on what to expect and plan out Tuesdays
  activities.  It will probably last an hour or two.

  Tuesday  Hill visits.  We'll give you the special districts on Monday.

  Tuesday  5 pm to 7 pm  (In Planning Stage) Sportsman sponsored reception.
  Location to be announced.

  Tuesday  7 pm to 9 pm  Philips Flagship Restaurant, 900 Water St SW
  Reception.  Take Maine Ave exit off 395.  Great place to eat. Sponsored by
  National Fisheries Institute.

  Wednesday, Pombo ESA bill hearing and mark-up.  10:00 am Wednesday,
  Resources Hearing Room, Longworth Building.

  Other Events:

  Tuesday -- Breakfast with Institute for Justice folks working to overturn
  Kelo in Congress.

  Join them for Breakfast between 7:30 and 8:30  am at the Washington Court
  Hotel, 525 New Jersey Ave NW.  Pick up “Hands Off My Home” t-shirts.

  Tuesday- Senate Judiciary Committee hearing,  10:00 am in 226 Dirksen Senate
  Office Building.  Go to http://judiciary.senate.gov/hearing.cfm?id=1612
  More Kelo stuff.

  Thursday, September 22n at 11 am.  House Subcommittee on Constitution
  oversight.  More Kelo.

My cell phone after Sunday the 18th is (360) 607 3312 or (360) 903-6821.

Call if you need help or information.

Chuck Cushman

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