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Subject: Enviros to Attack Bush Wednesday In Portland

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Enviros to Attack Bush Wednesday In Portland

News Flash!

Wednesday Morning Action Required in Portland
10:30 AM Event – You need to be there at 9:45 AM

Tomorrow…Wednesday, April 14th; a group of extreme environmentalists will gather in downtown Portland at McCall Waterfront Park to make a major announcement regarding rivers and salmon protection.  In real terms…this means they will bash the Bush Administration for media attention.

They say in their own alert that there will be “inflatable salmon, salmon costumes and a salmon puppet set”.  You can only imagine the true science-based policy significance of such an event.

The bottom line is that we cannot allow them to have a free field day with the Portland media.  If there is a story to tell about water quality and fish protection, it’s a story that says the following:

·	In the last decade, salmon runs have dramatically increased!
·	The Bush Administration is providing true leadership and action in seeking additional salmon protection dollars to support our efforts in the Northwest
·	Hydro-power is good for our economy
·	The City of Portland dwarfs the rest of the State of Oregon in the dumping of sewage into the Columbia River…yet the folks in rural Oregon pay the political and regulatory price for being good stewards of the land.

If you wish to make a statement and to send the media in Portland a loud and clear message, then come to McCall Waterfront Park tomorrow.  Meet at 9:45 under the Morrison St. Bridge which is only a block or two from the rally.  If you wish to make a sign…please do so but do it in good taste.  

Again, we want to send a message that the people who are sponsoring the rally, are the same people who continually defend the City of Portland for dumping over 40 million gallons of sewage into the river.  These are the people who tie-up common-sense land use policy changes in endless litigation.

Let’s show the media who the real land stewards really are!

For more information contact:  Chuck Cushman  (360) 687-3087
American Land Rights Association

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