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Subject: Like Kelo? You’ll Love VA Housing Authority Law HB 699

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Like Kelo? You’ll Love VA Housing Authority Law HB 699

*****Urgent Action Required 


This new law reinforces the right to condemn your house by eminent domain if your house is obsolete or if your neighborhood is layed out in an irregular or obsolete pattern. 

Do you want to let the government and courts decide what is obsolete? 

This is Kelo Alive! It defines blight so loosely that anything goes.

This law passed the VA House 100-0!

It is up for final approval in the Senate Committee on General Laws and Technology.  Approval there leads to the last step in the Senate before it becomes law in Virginia.

CALL the committee members (below) as soon as you read this. Time is running out.

TELL them to kill The VA Housing Authorities Law HB699.

Don't give the big developers a free hand to decide your home is obsolete for their purposes.

Senate General Laws and Technology Committee

Senator Walter A. Stosch, chairman
(804) 698-7512,  email: district12@sov.state.va.us

Senator Charles J. Colgan
 (804) 698-7529, email: district29@sov.state.va.us

Senator R. Edward Houck
(804) 698-7517, email: district17@sov.state.va.us

Senator Benjamin J. Lambert III
(804) 698-7509, email: district09@sov.state.va.us

Senator William C. Wampler, Jr.
(804) 698-7540, email: district40@sov.state.va.us

Senator Yvonne B. Miller
(804) 698-7505, email: district05@sov.state.va.us

Senator Charles R. Hawkins
(804) 698-7519, email: district19@sov.state.va.us

Senator Stephen H. Martin
(804) 698-7511, email: district11@sov.state.va.us

Senator Frank M. Ruff
(804) 698-7515, email: district15@sov.state.va.us

Senator Frank W. Wagner
(804) 698-7507, email: district07@sov.state.va.us

Senator Jay O'Brien
(804) 698-7539, email: district39@sov.state.va.us

Senator J. Brandon Bell, II
(804) 698-7522, email: district22@sov.state.va.us

Senator Jeannemarie D. Davis
(804) 698-7534, email: district34@sov.state.va.us

Senator Mamie Locke
(804) 698-7502, email: district02@sov.state.va.us

Senator Mark R. Herring
(804) 698-7533, email: district33@sov.state.va.us

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