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Subject: Reservation Shopping  -- Is The Bureau Of Indian Affairs Ignoring Cong

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Reservation Shopping  -- Is The Bureau Of Indian Affairs Ignoring Congress?

BIA Regional Director says he never heard the term, “Reservation Shopping.  

The BIA appears to be completely out of touch.  

From the Vancouver Columbian June 17, 2005:

    Accusing the tribe of "reservation shopping" might not hold much weight with the BIA. Northwest Regional Director Stan Speaks said Wednesday that he had never heard the term. He added that economic benefit is a legitimate reason for a tribe to seek a reservation. 

    "I know their objective is certainly to look, for an economic standpoint, the best area in their aboriginal territory," Speaks said. He said that information about the tribe's aboriginal territory is one factor in the agency's decision to grant a reservation. "It won't be the total factor," he said. 

Where in the process does a community get a fair chance to dispute the tribes claim to aboriginal territory.?   Why does a tribe’s wants take priority over the needs of a community?

Is the Bureau of Indian Affairs biased? 

    And when asked about casino opponents' version of history, Speaks repeatedly said, "The best information always comes from the tribe." 

How can communities get a fair hearing or examination of Tribal history when the BIA is so biased?  

This has got to stop.   Please take immediate action.  The BIA is completely in their own world and do not feel responsible to political authority or the truth.

The Bush Administration must rein in the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Congress must pass legislation to give communities control over their own destiny.

Action Items:

-----1.  Add your own personal message and forward this message to your Congressman and follow up with him or her by phone and e-mail.  You can call any Congressman at (202) 225-3121.  This is the Capitol Switchboard.  Ask for your Congressman’s office.  Then ask for his or her e-mail address and fax number.  Fax your letter.  The mail gets held up by Anthrax mail inspections.

-----2. Forward a copy of this message with your own message to both your US Senators.  Follow up by phone and e-mail.  Any Senator may be called at 
(202) 224-3121.  Follow the same procedure as above.

-----3.  Send an e-mail to Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo urging more hearings concerning Reservation Shopping.  Call the committee at (202) 225-2761.  Fax them at (202) 226-4631.  E-mail:  resources.committee@mail.house.gov   Web:  www.house.gov/resources/

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