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Subject: Stop Nature Conservancy’s Midnight Sweetheart Deal!

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Stop Nature Conservancy’s Midnight Sweetheart Deal!

Two years ago the Washington Post ran a series that exposed of The Nature Conservancy's fast and loose manipulation of the U.S tax Code.  These articles along with grassroots contacts from folks like you resulted in the Senate Finance Committee conducting an investigation of the Nature Conservancy's practices.

It appears The Nature Conservancy has hired high priced Washington lobbyists who are conducting private negotiations with the Senate Finance Committee.  In exchange for some modest changes of the tax law, the investigation will end.  Then things will largely remain business as unusual for The Nature Conservancy to continue its battle against rural communities.   


The problem here is Senator Charles Grassley, who is a nice guy, is badly misguided on this issue.

He is Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and has been doing the Nature Conservancy's dirty work, clearing its tarnished name in exchange for some very weak reforms for the multibillion dollar, multinational very profitable "non-profit" Nature Conservancy.

Some say the Nature Conservancy is similar to Enron, it is the World Com of "non-profits."  It has worked all sorts of special deals for its board members, such as seizing land at a discounted price in the name of "conservation" - then reselling it to its board members for them to build mansions on!!!

Tell Senator Grassley to come to his senses!  Here are the key staff people who have been working with The Nature Conservancy.  Tell Them:


Grassley's office phone for all of the above 202-224-3744.
The Fax number for all of the above  202-224-6020.

Or use this temporary toll free number to reach the Capitol Switchboard.  Then ask for Senator Grassley's office.  The special number is (800) 648-3516.   

-----NO sweetheart deals for The Nature Conservancy!

-----Investigate land trusts, don't let them run fast and loose with U.S. tax laws!

-----Is environmentalism a new religion - why is the Nature Conservancy getting a handout?

-----Nature Conservancy - $3 billion in assets - how much more do they want???

-----While you are on the call, remind Senator Grassley’s staff that there must not be a special tax break for selling land to the Nature Conservancy and other profitable land trusts who sell land to the government.  

Please forward this message as widely as possible.

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