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Subject: Communities Oppose Yosemite Valley Plan

Communities Oppose Yosemite Valley Plan

For Immediate Release:

Congressional Hearing on Yosemite Valley Plan  Tuesday, April 22nd

Emergency Community Meetings Set To Stop The Park Lockout

     Tuesday, April 22nd, Congress will hold a hearing in Yosemite Valley to review the Yosemite Valley Plan (YVP).  This plan is a threat to the economic future of Madera, Mariposa and Tuolumne Counties.  Do you care about visitor use, small business, personal freedom, camping, and access?  This hearing is critical.   

    You’re being locked out of your national park.  A new local group, “Visitors and Communities for an Open Yosemite,” has affiliated with the American Land Rights Association to fight the threat to your local economy from the Yosemite Valley Plan.   Together we’ll be holding important public meetings in your area this coming week.  Your help is needed to respond to the congressional hearing. 

Wednesday, April 16th,  Best Western Sonora Oaks,
19551 Hess, Sonora   7:30 PM.
Contact Peggy Mosley at (209) 962-4000

Thursday April 17th, Senior Center,
4911 Cinder Lane (behind Comm. Center), Oakhurst 7:00 PM
Contact Max Stauffer at (559) 683-7273

Monday, April 21st, Best Western Yosemite Way Station,
4999 Hwy 140, Mariposa  7:00 PM

Topic:  Yosemite Valley Plan

-----60% Reduction of Family Campgrounds
-----75% Reduction in Day Use Parking
-----Forced Busing
-----Lack of Scientific Credibility
-----Economic Damage To Gateway Communities

Speakers:  Local Civic Leaders

Special Guest:  Chuck Cushman
Nationally Known Land Rights Expert

     Converting the Park to a never-ending stream of buses, the Yosemite Valley Plan will eliminate 75% of the parking and more than 60% of the campgrounds in Yosemite Valley. Tent and rustic cabins will be replaced by upscale lodging.  Families with children will be either forced to ride a bus all day or be deprived of enjoying the wonders of Yosemite.   Seniors, the disabled, climbers, rafters, fishermen, swimmers, and picnickers will become the next “endangered species.”

     Imagine the young family coming to Yosemite with two children.   They are given no option but to board a bus with all that is necessary to survive for a day—stroller, diaper bag, change of clothes, picnic cooler, fishing pole, camera equipment, etc.  Would you do that?  How do they get off and enjoy places like Bridalveil Fall?  Load.  Unload.  Load.  They’ll be so tired by the time they try to cope with the stress, the young family will go someplace outside the Yosemite Region that is more accessible.

Come to one of these meetings and add your voice to the thousands opposed to the Yosemite Lockout.

Contact: Visitors and Communities for an Open Yosemite, Max Stauffer (559) 683-7273
Contact: Chuck Cushman (360) 687-3087.  Cell:  (360) 607-3312  FAX:  (360) 687-2973
Contact:  Dan Carter, Yosemite Sierra visitors Bureau, (559) 683-4636

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