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Correction:  Cut Your Energy Bill -- Mail Your Heating Bill To Your Congressman

Some people have responded that they were not certain how to send their heating bill to their Congressman.  Here are the instructions clarified.

Action Items

-----1.  Pull out your latest heating bill (whether you heat with natural gas or oil your costs will skyrocket this winter).  Then, do this:  either write on the bill itself or attach a note to it, directed to your Congressman, including some of the talking points listed below in your own words.  Be sure it has your name and address. 

Write on the envelope:  Energy Independence Coalition, 611 Pennsylvania Ave SE #142, Washington, DC, 20003-4303.

Make sure you write:  Attention (and then the name of your Congressman).  It would look like this:  Attention:  Honorable Jack Jones

Your heating bill letter will then be hand delivered to your Congressman.  If you send it to your Congressman directly, it will be delayed by the anthrax inspections and he or she are not likely to see it for a month or more.  

-----2.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.  Call your Congressman immediately at the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121 to tell him you are sending your latest heating bill. When the operator answers, ask for your Congressman’s office.  Then ask for the staff person that handles ANWR, OCS or Budget Reconciliation. 
Be sure to ask for your Congressman’s fax number.  

Tell him or her you are going to send the larger heating bill that comes next month also and the even larger one you will get in January.   Urge him to support opening up ANWR and the OCS to exploration and production so heating prices can be kept fair.  Getting more supply will cut costs better than more energy welfare.

-----3.  Fax a copy of your heating bill to your Congressman.  When you call the number above, ask for his fax number.  Be sure to write a short note on your heating bill.

-----4.  Call at least three friends to urge them to do the same things.

-----5.  Please forward this message to as many people as you can.

Don’t be surprised if you get information about sending your heating bill from other people or organizations.  This is a nationwide effort.  We’ve had lots of positive response.  Other organizations are going to send notices out.  So it is very important that you send or fax your heating bill today.  Most important, call your Congressman today at (202) 225-3121.

If for some reason you did not keep yesterday’s e-mail and want another copy, send a note to ccushman@landrights.org

Please forward this message to the same people you sent the last one to.  Thank you.

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