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Subject: Critical Casino Meeting Tonight at La Center City Hall – Be There!

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Critical Casino Meeting Tonight at La Center City Hall – Be There!

Casino Alert – Casino Alert – Casino Alert

Critical meeting at La Center City Hall Monday Night, January 23rd at 6:30 PM.

That’s  TONIGHT.  This is a big deal.  

Guy Martin, an Attorney from Washington, DC, who has negotiated for municipalities and is an expert in the Tribal Casino area of law, will do a presentation to City of La Center officials.  He has negotiated on behalf of towns with tribal corporations.   Mr. Martin is an expert on many of the details about the good and bad side of agreement with tribes.   

What is important is that as many people as possible show up to let La Center know we stand behind them.  No deals with the Cowlitz.  No sell out.  

If enough people come, they may have to move it to a larger site.

Three years ago the casino investors said . . ..

It’s a done deal.  We will break ground in the spring.

Three years later . . .. they are still saying the same thing.

They PROMISED that the lands were for a CULTURAL CENTER.

Then:  They PROMISED that the lands were for a 6.5-acre development.

Then:  They PROMISED that the casino would be only 40,000 square feet.

Then:  They PROMISED that a study of impacts wasn’t necessary.

Then:  After they were forced to do an EIS, they admitted to the massive 150 acre gambling complex . . . 

Yet, they are still saying . . . “trust us”

They have made and broken many promises.

Now their allies are telling citizens that the card rooms have sold out, are closing and it’s all over, asking citizens to support a deal with La Center now. 

Consider this:  There is only one reason the investors and their allies are pushing this hard for an agreement.’

They need to get something signed before the EIS comes out and everyone sees the  full impacts of the proposed Mega-Casino development.

Why:  Because without an agreement with La Center, the investors know that it is going to be a real uphill fight to get approval for this proposal.

Why:  Because the law says:  Detriment to neighboring communities must NOT exceed the benefit to the tribe.

For the tribe to win the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) must issue a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).  They cannot do that without an agreement from La Center.

Tell the La Center city officials to stand firm.

No deals.  Everyone must wait until the EIS is done and the impacts are fully researched and hearings are held.

Attend this meeting and hear what the experts say!

For more information contact American Land Rights at (360) 687-3087 or go to www.speakupcitizens.com

Please forward this message as widely as possible. 

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