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Subject: Oh, No, CARA---LWCF Vote On House Floor Thursday, May 19th

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Oh, No, CARA---LWCF Vote On House Floor Thursday, May 19th
More Urgent Action Necessary!

CARA-LWCF amendment expected on the House Floor Thursday, May 19th.

Yes, I know we just told you there will likely be a sneak attack in the Senate in the next few days using the CARA-LWCF land grab language.  That is true and you still need to do everything we asked in that message in the Senate.

Now comes word that Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass) is planning to offer an amendment to the House Interior Appropriations Bill that will be voted on tomorrow (Thursday, May 19th)  that would restore funding to the Land & Water Conservation Fund using CARA-LWCF.   

It is critical that you call your Congressman as quickly as possible to let him know to oppose funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (CARA-LWCF).

You have one day to make a huge difference.  Do it now!

Action Items:

-----1.  You need to call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121 beginning at 8:00 AM on Thursday morning, May 19, Washington DC time.  That is 5:00 AM Pacific, 6:00 AM Mountain time.   Any Representative can be reached at that number. Donít put this off.  The vote could come any time during the day.  Make your call as early as you can.  The voting could go well into the day.  Keep up the pressure.

-----2.  Call at least three friends to urge them to make the call.

-----3.  Send your Congressman a fax.  Call his office to get the fax number if you donít have it.  E-mail probably will not be read it time.  A letter has no chance.



This could end up being the companion language in the House to the sneak attack by Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN).  You need to head it off. 

Senator Alexander has put forth his version of CARA-LWCF.

There will be an attempt to make CARA-LWCF into a off-budget trust fund to provide money to buy land, fund green organizations and control your property.

The attacks will come from different directions but they are all headed toward the same place.

Their ultimate goal is a $3 billion dollar per year guaranteed pot of money to convert private land into Federal land and lock it up.

The amendment by Congressman McGovern is likely to be only a small part of this overall plan.  You need to make it unsuccessful.

Donít forget to continue your calls, faxes and e-mails to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee this week and next.

Right now, this moment, sit down and compose a message to your Congressman from your district opposing any LWCF Funding.

The House Appropriations Committee already produced a bill with no funding for LWCF.  The amendment by Congressman McGovern would be to add it back in.  You can stop it.

Please forward this message as widely as possible.  

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