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Subject: Support The WA State Property Rights Initiative 933 Today!

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Support The WA State Property Rights Initiative 933 Today!

Please act today to protect your property rights in Washington State!
Your help is needed to place Initiative 933 on the fall ballot.
Are you tired of government telling you that you can't use your property? 
Tired if having to leave 2/3 of your property (like in King County) in "native vegetation? 
Tired of being told that you must provide habitat for the species of the year?
Tired of government telling you that you have to win a local lottery (like in Sammamish) to apply for a permit, or that you can be fined up to $12,000 (like in Bellevue) if you cut down a tree in your yard without prior city approval?
Initiative 933 will require state and local government to:

-----1.  compensate when it damages use or value of private property

-----2.  identify affected properties before adopting new regulations
-----3.  allow property owners to protect their property from fire, flood and erosion

-----4.  allow legal existing uses of property to continue
If you believe that government should respect our private property rights, then now is the time to help the initiative campaign qualify for the ballot.
Politicians, bureaucrats and environmental extremists are crying over the fact that they would have to justify new regulations and respect property rights if I-933 passes.
But it can't pass without your help to get it to the ballot.

Action Items:
If you believe in property rights, here is what you need to do TODAY.
-----A.  Collect 40 signatures in the next 60 days.  Go to www.propertyfairness.com or call 360-528-2909 to request petitions.

-----B.  Contribute.  Credit card and PayPal contributions can be made at www.propertyfairness.com.  Or, mail a contribution to the Property Fairness Coalition at P.O. Box 2446 Olympia, WA 98507.
Ask yourself: "How much is it worth to protect my property rights?" $500?  $250? $100? $50?
Please ACT TODAY.  There are about 65 days left to get the Property Fairness Act (initiative 933) to the ballot.
Polling shows that 79% of voters statewide support requiring government to compensate when government regulations damage use or value of private property.
2006 is the year for supporters of property rights to connect with the voters and restore the respect and protection of our property rights.
Let's make government work better by working smarter.  Make them consider the impact of their decisions BEFORE they adopt new regulations.
Please act today.

For More Information, Call:

Dan Wood
Director of Government Relations
Washington Farm Bureau
1011 10th Ave SE
P.O. Box 2009 Olympia WA 98507
1-800-331-3276 ext 109
mobile 360-870-6018

Please forward this message widely.  

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