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Subject: Easy Way To Mail Your Testimony For April 30th ESA Hearing

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Easy Way To Mail Your Testimony For April 30th ESA Hearing

It is important that you attend the Congressional Hearing in Jackson, Mississippi on Saturday, April 30th.  The address and information are listed below.

Whether or not you are able to attend the hearing in person, you can mail in testimony very easily.  Here’s how:

Go to www.landrights.org and print out one or more of the ESA Testimony Questionnaires listed there.  They are right at the top of the home page.

There are four different ESA Testimony Questionnaires.  You can pick one or send all of them. There is a substantial amount of duplication between 1A and 1B.  There is also duplication between 2A and 2B.  It’s easy. You’ll see when you get on the website.

Just print them out on your computer printer and fax them to the Resources Committee or to American Land Rights at (360) 687-2973.  If you fax them by Wednesday, April 27th, we’ll hand deliver them to the Committee in Mississippi.

These ESA Testimony Questionnaires are easy to fill out and you have plenty of room to add personal comments.  In fact, you make the whole Testimony Questionnaire much more valuable if you add personal comments.

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Congressional  ESA Field Hearing in Jackson, Mississippi April 30th.

What:  Resources Committee Sets Full Committee ESA Field Hearing

Where:  Jackson, Mississippi  -- Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, 2148 Riverside Drive, Jackson, MS. 

When:  Saturday, April 30th at 9:00 am

SUBJECT:    Full Committee Field Hearing - Jackson, Mississippi

The Committee on Resources will hold an oversight field hearing on "Lessons Learned Protecting and Restoring Wildlife in the Southern United States under the Endangered Species Act." The hearing will be held on Saturday, April 30th at 9:00 a.m. at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, 2148 Riverside Drive, Jackson, MS. Witnesses are by invitation only.

If you need further information, please contact Todd Willens, Senior Policy Director at (202) 225-2761; or Laura Hylden, Clerk, at (202) 225-4063.

Anyone who is interested in updating and modernizing the Endangered Species Act should attend this hearing.  Remember that you have ten working days (two weeks to submit written testimony to the Resources Committee.

Send your testimony to:

Committee FAX:  (202) 225-5929

American Land Rights Fax:  (360) 687-2973

E-mail:  resources.committee@mail.house.gov

Website:  http://resourcescommittee.house.gov/

Need more information -- phone:  (202) 225-2761


Remember to let us know if your organization wants to be listed as a member of the Grassroots ESA Coalition.  You can also sign up as an individual.

Send your contact information to:  ccushman@landrights.org

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