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Subject: Listen to the Greenies  WHINE!!!

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Listen to the Greenies  WHINE!!!

BIG   GREEN,  the big-money environmental groups, are having a press conference  TODAY,  Thursday February 27, 2pm Eastern time.  YOU can listen in!

They are whining and complaining that President Bush is not pandering to their land-grabbing schemes and stuffing their faces with taxpayer-financed grant money.

YOU  can listen in!!!  Here are the details:

WHO:   Craig Obey, VP Government, National Parks Conservation Association
Marty Hayden, Legislative Director, Earthjustice
Mike Leahy, Natural Resource Counsel, Defenders of Wildlife
Dave Alberswerth, BLM Program Director, The Wilderness Society
WHAT:   EMS Press Briefing on Threats to Public Lands
WHEN:   2 p.m. on Thursday, February 27
WHERE:   Willard Hotel, Douglas Room, 14th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW

***** HERE is how  YOU  can listen in:

***** Reporters outside the Washington, D.C. area may call in at 
l-800-933-4955, pass code 66791.  Consider calling in and listening! *****

Thursday, February 27, 2003
Elisabeth Ensley, EMS, 202/463-6670
Kalee Kreider, Fenton Communications, 202/822-5200

Experts To Detail Full Scope Of Bush Assaults On U.S. Public Lands Attacks, Giveaways Include National Parks, National Forests, Other Public Lands Coast-to-Coast; Rewriting the Rules to Put Drilling, Logging, Mining Interests ahead of the Public Interest

      Washington - The broadest and most aggressive assault in history on America's public lands is currently being driven by the Bush administration and its allies in Congress. To help reporters realize the entire range of legislative and administrative threats to America's public land heritage, a team of experts will conduct a press briefing Thursday, February 27.

      The aim of the briefing is to enable journalists to obtain a full picture of the types of threats already underway or being planned, and to gather information and expert resources to assist in coverage of these issues as they come to a head in the next few weeks and months.

      Dozens of issues will be fought during the coming year. Among them are schemes to lease millions of acres of America's public lands to oil and gas interests; give timber interests greater control over our National Forests; let snowmobiles and a new coal-fired power plant foul the air of Yellowstone National Park; cut the public's right to a meaningful role in environmental decision making; hand over huge swaths of National Parks, Forests and Refuges to states and local interests; weaken standards for defining wilderness areas; threaten recovery of Northwest salmon runs; weaken wildlife protections; allow drilling in sensitive wildlife areas of the western Arctic; and many more.

Listen to the crybabies whine!  Perhaps they want their diapers changed also!!!  Boo Hoo!!!!


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