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Pilgrim Family Concerts
Music History Before Your Eyes

Friday, April 16th and Sunday April 18th

Friday, April 16th
Artichoke Music – Back Gate Stage
3130 SE Hawthorne
Portland, Oregon

For reservations and tickets call:  (360) 687-2505  or (503) 641-3008
There is limited seating -- call early.
Doors open at 7:00 PM
Concert at 8:00 PM

Price:  $12

Directions:  Located in the wonderful old 
Hawthorne District, the Artichoke Music 
Back Gate Stage is a cozy facility that brings 
everyone close to the performers.  

Sunday, April 18th
Old Liberty Theater
Ridgefield, Washington

Tickets and Reservations call (360) 887-7260
or (360) 687-2505.

Doors open at 6:00 PM
Concert at 8:00 PM

Price:  $12

Directions:  Take I-5 northbound to the Ridgefield exit.  Turn left and follow that road until it goes through town and ends.  Make a right and the Old Liberty Theater will be immediately on your left.

The Pilgrim Family is a mountain family that lives high in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska inside the Wrangell St. Elias National Park.  They have lived in the Wilderness of Alaska for six years, before that in a Wilderness location in New Mexico.  The children have never lived outside the Wilderness.

Their music is a unique mountain gospel-bluegrass style.  Wonderfully uplifting and exhilarating.   They are self-taught and frankly, terrific musicians and singers.  Their close harmonies will thrill you.  You’ll get a little taste of something really special.  This unique family offers you music you’ve likely not heard before and unfortunately, may not get a chance to hear again.

For those few of us who have met and heard them, it is like discovering the Carter Family in 1927 all over again.  The first time they were in front of a microphone was two weeks ago at an open mike.  Every place we’ve taken them to play, people responded to their wonderful music.

The family is in Portland because nine-year-old Abraham tore one of his fingers off in a generator accident.  Papa, Jerusalem, and Abraham flew to Portland on an emergency basis to Doernbecker Children’s Hospital in an attempt to re-attach the finger.  Five other kids came down by van to join them and to drive them back.   Happily, they brought their instruments.  They have to stay a little while to make sure that Abraham’s successfully re-attached finger heals properly.

This is a remarkable mountain family that is not likely to be back in Portland.  They plan to return to their Wilderness life.  A group of music enthusiasts urged them to allow themselves to be recorded and they have agreed.  They’ve also agreed to two concerts on April 16th and 18th.  

These concerts were set up by those of us who care about them in order to help get the funds for the family to return home to Alaska.   All the net proceeds will go to help them get back home.
Billy Oskay is recording them at his Big Red Studio this week and next.  They plan to have CD’s in time to be available for purchase by concert attendees.

For more information about the family, we’ve helped them set up a website with pictures at < www.pilgrimfamily.com >

Please pass this message on to others including churches and social groups. This is a once in a lifetime event.

For more information or to speak to the Pilgrims, contact Chuck Cushman, at (360) 687-2656.

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