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Subject: Amazing Poetry About Endangered Species Act Ė Donít Miss This

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Amazing Poetry About Endangered Species Act Ė Donít Miss This

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From: Ron Arnold [mailto:rarnold@eskimo.com]
Sent: Friday, July 08, 2005 12:57 AM
To: ccushman@landrights.org
Subject: letter

To My Movement Friends,


Well, once again we have circled the wagons and begun shooting inside.

Once again, the contentious issue is the Endangered Species Act.

Once again, itís politicians versus purists.

Yes, we should all know better, but we donít.

Weíve split The Movement into warring camps and the casualties will all be ours.

The politicians are us, the purists are us.

Weíre so busy trashing each other that nobodyís slaying the dragon.

Weíre so immersed in our own values that we canít even agree on whatís the dragon.

Iíve seen lots of messages about this, and you have too.

There was a letter I signed, as did about fifty of you, that said we need protection for property rights. 

It was a letter that politicians and purists alike signed.

Unfortunately the ESA bill that is emerging does not give us all we want. 

And for some, nothing of what they want.

Let me say at once that Iím a politician. I have purist feelings. 

My signature was on that letter to say that I thought the purists were right. 

But it was not there to defy or threaten the politicians, since I am one myself.

I support Chairman Pombo. He has been a good friend for many years and 

he will be a good friend for many more. 

As I said when we all met in January, whatever Chairman Pombo can get 

through Congress, I will support. I have not changed my mind. 

Nor have any of you changed yours, purists or politicians.

I only regret that the purists will not get what they want. 

They never do. They never have. They never will. And thatís why Iím a politician. 

To me, a little of something is better than a lot of nothing. 

I know to a purist, thatís not so.

Your principles of purism are the most important thing. 

I respect you for that. 

It comes at a high cost and I admire those willing to make that sacrifice.

But I canít be like you. Realism is a principle too. Respect it or not, itís how I am.

But that letter I signed seems to have gotten connected with a confrontational meeting 

between a number of my good friends, one of them Chairman Pombo. 

It ended badly. It split The Movement irretrievably, and for that I grieve. But I stand by Chairman Pombo. 

Firmly, definitely and politically. I expect that will offend some of my friends. I ask your forbearance. 

You will remain my friend whether I remain yours or not.

Now, there is the matter of more letters that traveled the email circuit, letters 

from two of my good friends, one from Arizona and one from New York, 

beating up another of my good friends, one from Washington State. 
Most ungenerous.

The human condition may well never allow these breaches to heal. 

Or perhaps they will, in time.

Whatever time may bring, my friends, you are all heroes to me.

We are all heroes. Never forget.

My best regards to you all,

Ron Arnold





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