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Subject: Pombo ESA Bill Introduced Today  Here it is.

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Pombo ESA Bill Introduced Today  Here it is.


Please click on the link above to view Chairman Pombo's ESA bill (HR 3824), a section by section analysis, and a summary of the bill. 

If you have trouble with this link, send a message to ccushman@landrights.org to request a copy. 

You must call your Congressman today to urge support  (202) 225-3121

Here are the facts of the Pombo bill as it was always meant to be.

Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo, a long-standing stalwart champion of property rights, will introduce his long awaited legislation to update and modernize the Endangered Species Act that will both improve the recovery of species and protect property owners.

We appreciate the un-wavering support Chairman Pombo has given our community on the need to address ESA. We also appreciate the hard work from a variety of grassroots organizations and their support of the chairman's efforts to bring about change.

------Property rights protection.  Compensation will be provided for all takings under the law  not just takings over 50 percent as some earlier assumed.  Disputes over the value of those takings "are to be resolved in the favor of the property owner."

------Private property conservation.  Grants will be provided to private property owners who engage in voluntary efforts to aid species recovery.

------Recovery plans vs. critical habitat.  Science-based recovery plans will replace critical habitat designations as the required action when a species is listed as threatened or endangered.  As you know, for many species, such as the peregrine falcon, habitat designation is irrelevant to recovery.  Therefore this change is a vital front line of property protection as well as species recovery.

------State involvement.  Provisions are made for collaborative efforts between states and the federal government rather than the current adversarial situation.

------"No surprise protection." Property owners providing private conservation will receive protection against future surprises or changes in what they have committed to with guarantees provided in return.

------Invasive species language.  There is none.  None was intended.

Now you know the true story of TESRA and Chairman Pombo's efforts to protect private property while actually recovering species in peril.  Each of you who maintained faith in the Chairman and remained a part of the process owes yourself a big vote of thanks.  You certainly have mine and I am confident you have that of Richard Pombo.

Call Your Congressman Monday and Wednesday.

House Resources Committee To Vote On ESA Wednesday September 21st. 

You May Call Any Congressman At (202) 225-3121

Action Items:

-----A.  Call your Congressman at (202) 225-3121 to support Chairman Pombo and his bill to fix the Endangered Species Act.   Also any other Congressmen with whom you are familiar.  

-----B.  Print out a copy of the ESA Testimony Questionnaire at www.landrights.org   Fax it to the House Resources Committee at:  F(202) 225-5929

-----C.  Call five friends to urge them to call.

-----D.  Please forward this message as widely as possible.

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