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Subject: The Forests Are Burning – Help Save Them

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The Forests Are Burning – Help Save Them

Your Senators and Representative will be home a lot during the August Congressional Recess.  They must see you and hear from you LOUDLY!!

They’ll be attending public meetings, barbeques, open houses, county fairs, parades and lots of other events.  It is vital that everywhere they go, you meet them to ask if they are going to vote for the Healthy Forests Restoration Act.

That’s right.  Put them on the spot.  Make sure every chance you get that you ask them if they will vote for the Healthy Forests Restoration Act.  They’ll all say they support healthy forests.  But will they vote for the HFRA?  That is the key question.

In addition ask if he or she will be part of a filibuster to stop the Healthy Forests Restoration Act.  Let them know your feelings clearly.

Right now, the Healthy Forests Restoration Act is being delayed by the environmental groups who would rather have your house burn down than have foresters clean up the forests or log a burned or bug killed tree.  

One of our members wrote to me years ago to say:  “The environmentalists are like a new religion, a new peganism.  They worship trees and sacrifice people” Lily Fleder, Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area (Ohio) (National Park Service). 

-----1.  The Healthy Forests Restoration Act will be before the US Senate in September when Congress returns from the August recess.  We've been talking about the fires and healthy forests for several years...while watching our forests...our watersheds...our air quality...and our wildlife habitat BURN!  The time for action is now!

-----2.  The Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HR-1904) is the ONLY bill that has received strong, bi-partisan support!  It passed the Senate AG Committee on a voice vote and came out of the House with 256 votes!

------3.  YOUR MESSAGE FOR YOUR SENATOR: Your Senator should not participate in any filibuster games.  This issue is too important to protecting our water and air quality...too important to protecting critical habitat for wildlife.  At least have a vote!  If you don't like what's in the bill after it's debated and amended...vote against it!  But don't support any filibuster games.

-----4.  Seek out your Senator at county fairs...at chamber meetings...on the radio on talk shows.  Call him or her at their district or state offices.  Send them e-mails urging them to vote for the Healthy Forests Restoration Act and letting them know you oppose their use of the filibuster to stop any attempt to protect the forests.

-----5.  We're burning up our natural resources and it must stop now!  If we're supposed to be protecting resources...then let's do it by passing the Healthy Forests Restoration Act!


-----You can call every Senator or Representative at (202) 224-3121.   A TOLL FREE NUMBER  is (800) 648-3516.   	

-----It is possible to access your Senators' web pages to find fax numbers, email addresses and snail mail addresses at:


Look for their local state offices too.  

-----When you call, ask for their schedule for the rest of August and the first half of September.  Find one or more places for you to see them personally.  Pass the schedule around to others.

-----Call your friends and neighbors to get them to go when you hear your Senator is in town.  Turn out the folks.  Turn off the fires. 


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