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Subject: **URGENT**  Vote to Repeal Death Tax !!

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**URGENT**  Vote to Repeal Death Tax !!

ANOTHER  grassroots victory is in the making -

IF  you act  NOW !!!

It looks like property rights activists may win  ANOTHER  victory over the Billionaire Land Trusts on Wednesday evening, June 18 or Thursday June 19.

Property rights activists are working together with many other organizations to permanently repeal the Estate Tax, also known as the Death Tax.


KEEPING  the Estate Tax in the tax code is a  TOP  PRIORITY  of the Nature Conservancy and the other "non-profit" Land Trusts.  The Land Trusts are fighting hard to  KEEP  the Death Tax, because it forces many families to sell their land in order to pay the government when a family member passes away.

When families are forced to sell their land to pay the Estate Tax, the Nature Conservancy and other Land Trusts are there waiting.  They are licking their chops, with a tax deduction and a reduced offering price in exchange for the land.  Many families are forced to sell, and turn over another piece of private land to a Land Trust.  The land is taken out of production and off the tax rolls, damaging the economic base of small towns and rural communities.

Many times, the "non-profit" Land Trusts then resell the land to the government for a nice fat profit, a collusion between government agents and Land Trusts financed by the taxpayers.

But now the House of Representatives Republican leadership is proposing to permanently repeal the Death Tax - the primary instrument of power used by the giant Land Trusts to separate families from their land and damage the economy of small communities.

### BUT  -  the Land Trusts are fighting back, desperately trying to keep the main weapon in their arsenal used to attack private property rights!  They have unleashed a horde of lobbyists to buttonhole congressmen behind closed doors, since they cannot defend the Death Tax in public. 

Death should  NOT  be a taxable event!!!

REPEAL  the  Death Tax!!!

HERE  is information provided from Citizens for a Sound Economy, a grassroots anti-tax group:

URGENT  ACTION  NEEDED: House to vote on Death Tax Wednesday or Thursday!

The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 8, a bill that will permanently repeal the double-taxing, unfair Death Tax, and Congress needs to hear from you!

The tax cuts passed in 2001 will phase back into full effect in less than 9 years and resurrect the Death Tax with rates as high as 55 percent. The only solution that will truly protect American family farms, businesses, and our economy as a whole is permanent repeal of this unfair tax.

H.R. 8, The Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act of 2003, will accomplish this by killing the Death Tax once and for all, but some legislators have yet to show their support for it. And with the vote scheduled within 48 hours, we need your help to create a steady stream of calls, letters, and emails into the offices of Congress urging passage of H.R. 8.

This is our chance to finally kill the Death Tax, protect those of us who want to leave a legacy to our family and loved ones, and take a historic step towards real reform, but we need your help.

Take action now and contact Congress. Call Citizens for a Sound Economy’s toll-free Hotline at 1-888-564-6273 to be directly connected with the office of your Congressman.  Send them a personalized message in support of H.R. 8, The Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act of 2003.

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