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Call Today  Pass Healthy Forests 

The fires are barely out in California. 

1700 homes lost.

20 people dead.

And Congress is still fiddling  

Out of sight, out of mind.

Your must help get the Healthy Forests Legislation over the goal line and passed into law!

The Senate and House have each passed HR 1904, the Healthy Forests Restoration Act.
Informal conference negotiations are continuing between the House and Senate to reconcile the different versions of the bill.   

It is critical that they move very quickly in order for a bill to pass before Congress adjourns for the year  most likely this week.

While not perfect, HR 1904 represents years of debate and input and is a significant step in the right direction.

Your support for moving the bill now is vital.

Faxes, e-mails and calls are needed to let your Senators and Representatives know you want to see HR 1904 enacted in to law this week.

All Senators and Representatives must be called now and each day this week since they must all vote again when the conference committee is done.

Tell them that:

-----A.  The Healthy Forests Restoration Act will help reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires, reduce the spreading damage from insects and disease, encourage energy uses for biomass, help private forestland owners with conservation efforts, and more.

-----B.  The country cannot wait another year for a bill to help us address the catastrophic forest health crisis.

-----C.  Congress must finish negotiating and move to final passage this week, before the Congress recesses.

The fiddling must stop.

You, and every person you know, must call your Senators and Representatives Now! Urge them to do their job.  Urge them to do it now.

This is an all out call to action.

Action Items:

-----1.  Call both your Senators to urge them to support the Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HR 1904).  You can call every Senator at (202) 224-3121.  Or, just for fun, use the GREENS own 800 FREE NUMBER, 800-839-5276.  Another FREE NUMBER  is (800) 648-3516.   The Capitol Switchboard will answer.  Ask for your Senators office.  Then ask for the person who handles the Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HR 1904).	Put your Senator on the spot.  Ask if he or she is going to allow a straight up or down vote.  Urge them not to filibuster to prevent a vote.   More  talking points are listed below.

Tell them:  "I'm asking Senator _____________ to support the Healthy Forests Restoration Act legislation now before Congress.    We must act now to stop these catastrophic fires that devastate our water, our wildlife habitat, our air quality and our communities.  

It's time to act now before Congress goes home for the year.  The bill, the Healthy Forests Restoration Act (HR-1904) must be finalized.   

-----2.  Call your Congressman at the same numbers above.  Follow the same procedure.

-----3.  Send your Senators and Representatives a fax AND an e-mail.  It is possible to access your Senators' web pages to find fax numbers, email addresses and snail mail addresses at:


The Congress is running out of time.

Congress could easily adjourn for the year still fiddling over Healthy Forests.

Help bring an end to this crazy debate.  They are debating while your home is threatened.

Insist that they pass HR 1904 now. 

Please forward this message as widely as possible.

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