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Subject: Senate Healthy Forests FIRE Vote July 16th

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Senate Healthy Forests FIRE Vote July 16th


Critical Date -- Wednesday, July 16th

The Senate Agriculture Committee will hold a mark-up on the Healthy Forests Restoration Act which passed the House in May.    It does not have a Senate number.  For now it will go by HR 1904, the number used in the House.

Below we have listed the key Senators you need to call and fax immediately to urge them to support the bill. 

Catastrophic fires burned over 7 million acres of forest last year and this summer could be even worse.  We cannot afford to keep destroying our watersheds, the air that we breathe, and the habitat needed to protect animals.

The Healthy Forests Restoration Act will protect forests and resources…but also homes and communities by allowing for the thinning of diseased and fire-prone forests.  

We must bring common-sense, science-based forest management to our federal lands….and stop the never-ending stall tactics and litigation which has crippled the process for the past decade.

The bill would empower federal land managers with the tools to implement
scientifically supported management practices on overstocked federal forests, while establishing new conservation programs focused on improving water quality and regenerating declining forest ecosystem types on non-federal lands.

This legislation is crucial for protecting our air, water and wildlife from insect infestations and catastrophic wildfires.  The status quo of government bureaucracy has lead to a sharp decline in the health of the forests.  

Ask your Senators to support this important legislation that passed the US House in May with strong, bi-partisan support.  The Healthy Forests Restoration Act would modernize environmental rules and regulations which would allow us to better protect:

·	Water Quality
·	Air Quality
·	Critical habitat for wildlife

CALL TODAY!  Your action is needed now!  These Senators must hear from you in the next few days.  Ask them to pass this legislation from the Agriculture Committee and move it to the floor of the US Senate BEFORE the August recess.  We can’t afford to gamble on losing more water and wildlife by debating and stalling this issue any longer.

Call and FAX the following Senators to urge them to support HR 1904 in the Senate Agriculture Committee Vote Wednesday, July 16th.   Also call and fax the Senators from your own state. 

Max Baucus (D-MT) -- Phone (202) 224-2651 – FAX (202) 228-3687
Norm Coleman (R-MN) – Phone (202 –224-5641 – FAX (202) 224-1152
Peter Fitzgerald (R-IL) – Phone (202) 224-2854 – FAX (202) 228-1372
Mark Dayton (D-MN) – Phone (202) 224-3244 – FAX (202) 228-2186
Kent Conrad (D-ND) – Phone (202) 224-2043 – FAX (202) 224-7776
Byron Dorgan (D-ND) – Phone (202) 224-2551—FAX (202) 224-1193
Tom Daschle (D-SD – Phone (202) 224-2321 – FAX (202) 224-6603
Tim Johnson (D-SD – Phone (202) 224-5842 – FAX (202) 228-5765
Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) – Phone (202) 224-4843 – FAX (202) 228-1371


Call your Senators Friday, Monday, Tuesday and especially Wednesday,  July 16th.  Be sure to call them on July 16th.  

If your Senators personal line is busy (and we hope it is) call him at the Capitol Switchboard at  (202) 224-3121 or the temporary FREE NUMBER (800) 648-3516.   Ask him to support the passage of the Healthy Forest Restoration Act of 2003.


It is vital that YOU CALL BOTH YOUR SENATORS NOW to urge them to support healthy forests.  If your Senators are not on the Senate Agriculture Committee, that is ok.  Urge them to push for passage of the Healthy Forests Restoration Act among the Committee Members.

If you don’t have your Senator’s fax, just call the toll free number and ask for it.

Call your friends and neighbors.   You must make your Senators phone and fax numbers ring off the hook.  

Thanks for your continued help and support.


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