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Subject: Call Your Senators Now!  Stop CARA-LWCF In ANWR

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Call Your Senators Now!  Stop CARA-LWCF In ANWR 

The VOTE could come Wednesday.

You must take action today.  Please call both your Senators.  

Call early.  Keep calling.

See Action Items below.

Property rights are in grave danger.

There is no way to overstate how important your immediate action is NOW!

This is a Dark Of Night Land Grab.

Backroom dealing that sells you down the river.

Liberal Lamar Alexander is sticking a small trust fund into ANWR to slip it by the Senate.  They can enlarge it later.

No hearings, no debate, no recorded vote.

They are setting aside over $350 million per year  - GUARANTEED every year!!!!!  And it is land acquisition AND ALSO administrative costs when land sales are closed, so it finances their operations as well as grabbing land.      

It is a GUARANTEED, PERMANENT, ANNUAL pile of cash for the greens.  This will PERMANENTLY finance the environmental movement with $350 million EVERY YEAR to finance their operations and seize property. 

CARA  is the Conservation and Reinvestment Act, that Lamar Alexander has supported forcefully for several years.  It would provide over $3 billion per year, off budget, in guaranteed fund.  It would not have to go through the appropriations process.

The LWCF is the Land and Water Conservation Fund. They are trying to convert it into a CARA like trust fund funding vehicle as the camel’s nose under the tent for the big bill..  Then they just enlarge it over time.

ANWR is the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge  and holds billions of barrels of oil.  Drilling there can be done safely and without damaging the environment.  For example, the National Audubon Society has drilled for oil in refuges it owns for over fifty years in Texas and Michigan.

The American Land Rights Association has long supported drilling in ANWR as a common sense multiple use of our nation's public lands.  HOWEVER, it cannot support ANWR if it comes at a cost of handing over billions of dollars per year to finance seizure of private land.  Senator Alexander, you really blew it!!!

They are going to try to use  ANWR as a weapon to destroy you.

This is an early Christmas for the greens – “Christmas in March". 

Some people are calling it  "March Madness" - "Republican Senate caves in to enviro demands - March Madness!" 

Action Items:

-----1.  Make your two Senators personally responsible.  You must call them today at the Capital Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.  Or call (202) 225-3121.  

Ask for the staff person that handles the budget, ANWR or LWCF – CARA.

Tell them:  No equivocation.  Vote no on ANWR as it is written right now.  Vote no on the Budget Resolution.

Ask them to offer an amendment stripping LWCF - CARA language from the ANWR and the Budget Resolution.   They must know you are watching and are going to hold them personally responsible for taking the LWCF – CARA language out.

The Vote could come Wednesday afternoon.  So call early and often.

Call each day, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  

Tell them to vote no on ANWR and the Budget Resolution.  

We’ll let you know if they take LWCF and CARA guaranteed trust fund out.

-----2.  Fax them a message.  If you don’t have their fax number, ask for it when you call.

-----3.  Forward this message as widely as possible.

-----4.  Call at least three friends to urge them to call.

Need more information:  go to www.landrights.org    You’ll see the CARA starburst down the page.  Click on that.  

There is currently a huge budget deficit, and “Liberal Lamar” proposes to place land grabs at a higher priority than ALL OTHER PRIORITIES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.  This includes everything from fighting terrorism to education. 
PERMANENTLY financing the environmental movement is more important than EVERYTHING ELSE, according to “Liberal Lamar.”  
They are trading you for ANWR.

The ultimate size of this massive blank check for the greens could be billions of dollars.

Please call both your Senators Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Do it early.  The vote could come as early as Wednesday afternoon.   Don’t wait until Friday.  Call EVERYDAY.  This is critical.

Please forward this message as widely as possible. 


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