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Subject: Glennallen Mass Meeting Saturday – Park Service Access Restrictions

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Glennallen Mass Meeting Saturday – Park Service Access Restrictions

In Brief:

This is an important meeting not just for those in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park but also for ALL National Park Service (Fish and Wildlife Refuge and Forest Service) units across the state.  

Chuck Cushman, Executive Director of the American Land Rights Association, will be speaking in Glennallen. There is a rising tide of problems with ANILCA access in many NPS units that needs organizing on the part of those experiencing the problems and this is the chance to begin to do that.   

The meeting is sponsored by Residents of the Wrangells (ROW) and is supported by the American Land Rights Association, Kantishna Inholders Association and numerous other groups. 

Hello everyone-- 

This is a notice about the upcoming RESIDENTS OF THE WRANGELLS (R.O.W.) meeting.  The plans for this meeting come from the McCarthy side of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park but we are really hoping to get a joint effort going here  (this means everyone that is interested from Nabesna to Slana, Tok, Mentasta etc.).   

Please help spread the word with signs or however you wish.  Slana Alaskans Unite, we would love to have you there!  Sorry this is sort of late notice but we are all busy prepping for winter over here!  This meeting should be great because Ray Kreig and Chuck Cushman, two people who are very active in these issues, will both be speaking.  

To be clear (and blunt), this meeting is not about the Pilgrims.  The Pilgrim issue may be discussed but many other access issues will also be reviewed.  This is a meeting to address issues.  

An important aspect of this meeting is to begin the formation of the R.O.W. group in order to have a voice that will be heard by the local (and national) government officials for Park and other Conservation Area issues.    Hope to see you and your fellow community members there.  Feel free to print and post the following notice anywhere that you can.  

Thanks, Jenny Rosenbaum  --  residentsofwrangells@yahoo.com 
Susan Smith (no e-mail) 

Meeting Notice

Inter-Community Meeting

Saturday, October 25th @ 2PM


The Caribou Restaurant Banquet Room in Glennallen

We, the residents, land owners and subsistence users of the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, are forming a citizens group (RESIDENTS OF THE WRANGELLS) to collectively address the access issues and other problems we continuously encounter with the NPS. Our main goal is to preserve and protect the customary and traditional uses and lifestyles of residents and users of the Wrangell-St. Elias lands.

Chuck Cushman of the American Land Rights Association and Ray Kreig of the Kantishna Inholders Association will be special guests. They will be there to share their knowledge about access issues and other issues that private landowners may face with the NPS.

This group is still in the formative stages and we ask that anyone who is interested join us at this meeting to learn a little about the issues or to share ideas. Access issues will be one of the foremost discussions, though many other topics will be discussed and any input from local landowners is welcome.

After the meeting we hope to have formed an inter-community group (known as the RESIDENTS OF THE WRANGELLS) in order to add strength to our voice and make our voices heard. The meeting will be a chance for us to get to know each other and become familiar with the issues and problems private landowners are having with the NPS.

This meeting will be strictly issue-based

For more information about the meeting, contact:

Rick Kenyon  907-554-4454
Jenny Rosenbaum  907-554-1256
Susan Smith  907-259-3265
Doug Frederick 907-822-7313
Rey Kreig   907-276-2025
Chuck Cushman  360-687-3087  (Cell – 360-607-3312)

For the record:

From American Land Rights:

The Pilgrim Family Airlift continues.  Over fifty flights have carried in much needed food, supplies, insulation, building materials and all manner of other materials.  There is much more to send.  Thank you so much to the volunteer pilots and others who have contributed so much of their time and resources.  You’ll receive more information soon regarding the Airlift.  

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