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Subject: Henry Paulson: Raiding the U.S. Treasury???

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Henry Paulson: Raiding the U.S. Treasury??? 


The United States Treasury Department may be taken over by The Nature Conservancy’s Chairman, Mr. Henry Paulson!!! 

The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the world’s most powerful and scandal-plagued environmental group, with assets of more than FOUR BILLION DOLLARS and annual income of EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, may reach its paws DIRECTLY into your pocketbook!!! 


The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the world’s most profitable "non-profit" corporation, may gain massive new EXPANDED ACCESS into United States Government taxpayer funds. This means more grant money, behind-closed-door tax breaks only an accounting expert could figure out, and special land sale "flips" to turn a quick profit for the "non-profit" TNC - all at taxpayer expense. 


The current Treasury Secretary, John Snow, is expected to leave office within the next couple of months. President Bush will name a new nominee to take Snow’s place. TNC Chairman Henry Paulson has been promoting himself for several months now to be Snow’s replacement. 


What does Henry Paulson do for a living when he is not acting as Chairman of TNC’s Worldwide Board of Governors, defending TNC’s insider trading deals among its board and big contributors? 

Paulson is Chief Executive Officer of the giant Wall Street financial conglomerate Goldman Sachs Corporation. His personal worth is several hundred million dollars. 


Paulson was a fundraising "Pioneer" for President Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign, meaning he raised more than $100,000 for the Bush re-election campaign. 


Paulson has friends in very high places. President Bush’s new White House Chief of Staff, Josh Bolton, worked at Goldman Sachs with Paulson for many years. 

Due to his big money and high level connections, Paulson is a VERY SERIOUS CONTENDER to become Treasury Secretary. This will place the land grabbing, tax money mooching Nature Conservancy right at the center of where it wants to be - the Treasury Department - WHERE THE MONEY IS!!! 

Paulson wants the job. He has been campaigning for it since the 2004 election, and now events are finally coming to a head. Not campaigning like you and me, going door to door or stuffing envelopes. CEOs don’t like to get their fingernails dirty, and have a different way of campaigning. Paulson has had articles favorable to him placed in Fortune Magazine, CNNMoney.com, the Wall Street Journal, and most recently the New York Times. 

That’s right. The notoriously leftwing, extreme environmentalist New York Times editorial board wrote an editorial praising Henry Paulson just two weeks ago. They claim he has a "sense of moral purpose" and "could be a true economic steward." Do you want a Treasury Secretary who has been endorsed by the leftwing NEW YORK TIMES??? 

Think about it! Do you want the land grabbing Nature Conservancy to have its Chairman in President’s Bush’s cabinet? Do you want a "Republican" who is so leftwing on environmental issues that he is supported by the New York Times as Treasury Secretary? 


Tell President Bush, Vice President Cheney and your two Senators what you think! 

Here are the e-mails, phone and fax for President Bush and Vice President Cheney: 

Your statements DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

No, the President and VP will not personally read your email - at least it is very, very unlikely. However, their staff does read them, and they see what people have on their minds, and then many comments and emails are taken to the top levels, and some to the President and VP. 

Tell the President, VP and your Senators that The Nature Conservancy has enough power, it does not need any more. Henry Paulson is NOT a good choice for Treasury Secretary because he will open up the Treasury to millions more in taxpayer handouts and land grab opportunities to The Nature Conservancy. The Nature Conservancy already has FOUR BILLION dollars in assets, they can save the world with their own funds, not the American taxpayers. 



Phone 202-456-1111

Fax 202-456-2461 

Please also contact both of your United States Senators, since whoever the nominee is, he must be confirmed by the Senate.   Any Senator may be called at (202) 224-3121.

Please forward this message as widely as possible. 

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