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Subject: Liberal Lamar Says Raise Those Gas Prices!

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Liberal Lamar Says Raise Those Gas Prices! 

United States Senator Lamar Alexander (Liberal of Tennessee) is continuing his maximum efforts to hand over ONE BILLION DOLLARS to leftwing environmental outfits. And now he and his extremist buddies in the environmental movement just don’t care if your gas prices go up either, all they want is more money for themselves to finance land grabs and their own salaries. 

"Liberal Lamar" doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care if his efforts mean that there will be no oil exploration or production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). 

Drilling for oil in a wildlife refuge can be done safely and responsibly. For example, the Audubon Society has drilled for oil in its own refuges for over fifty years in Michigan, Louisiana and Texas. And now his environmentalist allies are doing their best to shut down other oil exploration and energy production opportunities here in the United States. This makes all of us more dependent on foreign oil and increases the price of gasoline at the pump. 


C’mon now, Liberal Lamar may be a bad guy, but he’s not un-American, right? Liberal Lamar Alexander of Tennessee is a UNITED STATES SENATOR so he’s looking out for the whole country. Right? 

Judge for yourself: 

For most of 2005, Congress was just a few votes away from approving oil exploration and production in ANWR. But every time it was about to be approved in the Senate, Liberal Lamar threw a monkey wrench in the process. He demanded that part of the tax revenues generated from ANWR oil be directed to land grabs – $1.05 billion – MORE THAN A BILLION DOLLARS!!! 

And each time, approval of ANWR oil production fell just a few votes short. Meanwhile, the price of gasoline keeps going up, up, up. 

But the rest of the story is even worse. Two of Liberal Lamar’s allies in promoting this Billion Dollar Land Grab funding – Leftwing Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and the extremist Wilderness Society – are both bragging about how they are shutting down energy production in the United States. 

According to the Boston Globe newspaper of April 27, Senator Ted Kennedy is working day and night to stop an energy generating wind farm - windmills - off the coast of his home state of Massachusetts. You see, the windmills are near his family’s vacation retreat in Hyannis Port, and he doesn’t want to be inconvenienced when his Hollywood friends or Senator John Kerry stop by to go windsurfing. So you pay $3 per gallon for gas and your home heating prices go up. But Liberal Lamar’s friend Ted Kennedy is more concerned about his vacation convenience than about energy prices. 

And then there is Senator Liberal Lamar Alexander’s other ally, the Wilderness Society. On February 26, they sent out a press release bragging that an "oil company withdraws plans to drill" in California. 

The Carrizo Plain National Monument in California is already home to numerous other oil exploration and production operations, which are being done in a safe and reasonable manner. But if they are able to stop even one barrel of oil from being produced, apparently it is time to cheer, break out the champaign, and write a press release. So you pay $3 per gallon for gas, while Liberal Lamar’s allies cheer at shutting down safe, reasonable domestic oil production. 

Liberal Lamar and his buddies just don’t care about you. 

So Senator Liberal Lamar Alexander of Tennessee has quite a team he is working with – Ted Kennedy and the Wilderness Society – to damage energy production and jack up gasoline prices. 

Liberal Lamar Alexander just doesn’t care about the price of gasoline. It is more important to him for his environmentalist buddies to get their feeding of federal tax dollars to finance their operations and grab land – maybe yours! 


We have two CHAMPIONS in the House of Representatives who are fighting Liberal Lamar’s Land Grab. Congressman Charlie Taylor from North Carolina is on the Appropriations Committee, and has been a fighter for private property rights and against land grabbing for many years. Also, Congressman Jim Nussle of Iowa is Chairman of the Budget Committee, and does not support financing land grabs while there is a huge budget deficit. 


-----1.  Please take action! Please call both your Senators, and your member of Congress. Tell them - knock off playing games - approve ANWR – WITHOUT any funding attached to it for land acquisition. We need oil, not more land grabs!! 
You may call any Senator at (202) 224-3121.

-----2.  Call your Congressman at (202) 225-3121.  Urge him to stand firm and oppose any amendment that would add land grab funding to ANWR.  Tell him to make it clear that ANWR will not be used for land grabs.  

Please forward this message as widely as possible. 

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