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THANK  YOU  to Sen. Thomas, Rep. Taylor


ONE:  Senator Craig Thomas of Wyoming has introduced excellent legislation to require scientific evidence that a species be threatened before it can be proposed for listing under the Endangered Species Act.  It is bill number S.369.

Here are portions of his announcement of S.369:

"It is evident to me that the current system is broken and the good intentions of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) have been stretched beyond rationality,” Thomas said. “If I wanted to put the goldfish on the list, I could start the petition today.  My bill will begin to provide order, making the ESA more effective for local landowners, public land managers, communities, and state governments."

The Thomas bill "establishes minimum requirements for a listing petition, including: an analysis of the status of the species; its range; population trends and threats, and if sufficient biological information exists to support a recovery program.  S.369 would give a more substantial role to the states and general public in determining which species are endangered.

Thomas said the listing of particular species should be a scientific decision based on credible data. The Senator pointed to the current situation, calling it a “post card” petition, where any person who wants to start a listing process may petition a species with little or no scientific support.

Thomas’ legislation requires that each listing be supported by sound science and need. While recovery is the ultimate goal of the ESA, under current law it is virtually impossible to delist a species.  There is no certainty in the process, and the state that has all the responsibility for managing the species once it is off the list is a not true partner in that process.  Once the recovery plan is met, the species should be de-listed, according to Thomas.

THANK  YOU  Senator Thomas!

TWO:  Representative Charles Taylor of North Carolina, Senator Conrad Burns of Montana and Interior Secretary Gale Norton have joined to substantially reduce land acquisition funding.

The federal government already owns nearly one-third of the land area of the United States, and does not properly manage the empire it already controls.

This is what Congressman Taylor had to say to an influential publication called "Federal Parks and Recreation" newsletter:

"We frankly cannot go about buying additional lands when we clearly don't maintain the lands we have, can't protect them from fire, and don't come close to compensating local communities for the property tax losses associated with federal land ownership."

And listen to the whining of Big Green!   Here is what one land-grabbing outfit called Americans for Heritage and Recreation had to say about land acquisition funding levels:  "it doesn't seem to add up to the authorized level.   Hmm...we must have been home in bed with the flu when the teacher taught us how 188 + 160 = 900 million.  Any math wizards out there who can help us out, please do.  Until then, we will do more analysis of the budget and get back to you later in the week."


-----1.  FIRST  -  THANK  Property Rights  CHAMPION  Senator Craig Thomas of Wyoming for taking on the Endangered Species Act!  Abuse of the ESA is at the core of attacks on private property rights, and Senator Thomas proposes to change that.   E-mail:  craig@thomas.senate.gov    Web:  www.thomas.senate.gov   PHONE:  (202) 224-6441.   FAX:  (202) 224-1724.

-----2.  SECOND  -  CONTACT your Senators - whether you think they are good or bad or whatever, and ask them to cosponsor Sen. Thomas's bill to improve the ESA listing process, S.369.  See the numbers below.

-----3.  THANK  Property Rights  CHAMPION  Congressman Charlie Taylor of North Carolina for speaking out in support of common sense!   Federal agencies cannot properly manage the empire they already control, and should not be buying any more land.   Of course, the job is not done yet - there is still money being spent on land grabs - but it is being drastically reduced.   
E-mail: repcharles.taylor@mail.house.gov     Web:  www.house.gov/charlestaylor PHONE:  (202) 225-6401.

You may call any Senator or Representative at the Capitol Switchboard at 
(202) 224-3121.  YOU  CAN  USE  TWO  TEMPORARY  TOLL  FREE NUMBERS.  THEY  ARE:  (800) 648-3516 or (877) 762-8762.   When the switchboard answers, ask for your Senators office.  Then ask for the staff person who covers the issue you are concerned about.

-----4.  Also send a fax to both your Senators supporting Senator Thomas’ bill.  If you do not have their fax number, call the toll free number above to get it from your Senator or Representative.

-----5.  Send a letter to them at the following addresses:

Honorable _________  US Senate, Washington, DC 20510.
Honorable _________  US House of Representatives, Washington, DC 10515


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