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Subject: Endangered Species Act Congressional Hearing Saturday, April 30th.

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Endangered Species Act Congressional Hearing Saturday, April 30th.

Come meet several Senators and Congressman this coming Saturday, April 30th in 
Jackson, Mississippi.  

The hearing starts at 9:00 am but there is an informal gathering that starts at 8:00 am in the same building.  

Here’s what you should do:

-----1.  Send testimony to the House Resources Committee.  You can fax it to (202) 225-5929.  E-mail it to: resources.committee@mail.house.gov  A one page letter will do.  Or go to www.landrights.org and print out one or more of the Testimony Questionnaires listed there right on the home page.

-----2.  Attend the hearing in Jackson, Mississippi this coming Saturday, April 30th.  Meet your allies and several Congressmen and Senators.  Network in a way you cannot at other events.

So make your plans now to come early and get a chance to not only to meet a number of Senators and Congressmen, but their staff and many other landowners and businessmen who are concerned about updating and modernizing the Endangered Species act.  House Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo and Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) as well as others will be there. 

The Endangered Species Act is failing to save species.  

Amazing, you say. 

Not if you understand that some or most groups who talk about saving species do not appear to really care.  They like the fact that the ESA has become the most powerful land use control measure in America.  And they are using it to lock up millions of acres of valuable, usable land and put dozens of industries at risk and often out of business.  But when they lock up the land it doesn’t help species for the most part.

Only 10 out of 1300 species have been recovered by the ESA.

Most landowners like species.  Landowners don’t like having the use of their land or the land itself taken by aggressive bureaucrats and advocacy groups using the Endangered Species Act as a tool to achieve their land use control goals.

If you find Gold on your property, your property goes up in value.  If you find a Red Cockaded Woodpecker on your property, your land goes down in value.

That’s wrong.

Throughout American history, if the government wanted more of something it rewarded its citizens for doing it.  Congress provided incentives.

Any new changes to the Endangered Species Act need to provide incentives for landowners to find and encourage endangered species.

That can happen as Congress reviews the Endangered Species Act this summer.

If you live in the South, you have not experienced the level of pain and suffering from the ESA that many in the Northwest, Nevada and other states have.

But it is coming.  Every farmer, landowner, federal land user or businessman who deals with land must understand that the Endangered Species Act is coming toward you.  

You can ignore it and sit on the sidelines, or you can take preemptive action.  Do it now and it will cost a little.  Do it later and whole industries and land areas may disappear from general use.

The ESA doesn’t work.  It is a failure at doing what it is supposed to do.  Save species.   Only 10 out of 1300 listed species have been recovered in 31 years.

Help us make the Jackson Mississippi Hearing a success for landowners, businessmen and Endangered Species.

*****About the hearing:

What:  Resources Committee Sets Full Committee ESA Field Hearing

Where:  Jackson, Mississippi  -- Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, 2148 Riverside Drive, Jackson, MS. 

When:  Saturday, April 30th at 9:00 am

Before:  Informal gathering with speakers at 8:00 am at the same location.

SUBJECT:    Full Committee Field Hearing - Jackson, Mississippi

The Committee on Resources will hold an oversight field hearing on "Lessons Learned Protecting and Restoring Wildlife in the Southern United States under the Endangered Species Act." The hearing will be held on Saturday, April 30th at 9:00 a.m. at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, 2148 Riverside Drive, Jackson, MS. Witnesses are by invitation only.

If you need further information, please contact Todd Willens, Senior Policy Director at (202) 225-2761; or Laura Hylden, Clerk, at (202) 225-4063.

Anyone who is interested in updating and modernizing the Endangered Species Act should attend this hearing.  Remember that you have ten working days (two weeks) after the hearing to submit written testimony to the Resources Committee.

Send your testimony to:

Committee FAX:  (202) 225-5929

American Land Rights Fax:  (360) 687-2973

E-mail:  resources.committee@mail.house.gov

Website:  http://resourcescommittee.house.gov/

Need more information -- phone:  (202) 225-2761


Want to be kept informed about events affecting the Endangered Species Act?

Send a message with your contact information to 

Be sure to tell us if your group wants to be a sponsor of the Grassroots ESA Coalition.  There are over 300 organizations as co-sponsors and a many more individuals.  There is no cost.

Please make sure your friends and neighbors are aware if this hearing.  Tell them how they can send testimony if they cannot get there.

Please forward this message as widely as possible.  Thank you.

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