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Congressman Reichert Needs A Call From You Today!

Even if you have already called, please call again.

It is critical that we keep the pressure on Rep. Dave Reichertís (R-WA).  His vote on ANWR will make a huge difference.  No matter where you live in the Seattle area, call Reichert today.

A vote on Energy Independence is expected shortly in the House of Representatives.

Right now Reichert is going to vote no on ANWR.  But there appears a good possibility he could change his mind.

We need him to support the Budget Reconciliation bill version that will dramatically help reduce Americaís dependence on foreign oil.  It will lead to lower gas, heating and energy prices over time.

The Senate already passed ANWR. It is up to the House.

The ANWR drilling area is a tiny 2,000 acre section of the 19,000,000 acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on the North Slope of Alaska.

That little piece of ANWAR could produce more than the Prudhoe Bay discovery right next to ANWR on Alaskaís North Slope.

Prudhoe Bay has supplied a tremendous percentage of Americaís oil since the 70ís.  But it is running out.

Action Items:

-----1.  Call Representative Dave Reichert and his staff in Washington, DC. at (202) 225-5441 --  Ask them to support adding ANWR into the Budget Reconciliation Bill.

-----2.  Send Rep. Reichert a fax at (202) 225-3289.

-----3.  He does not list his personal e-mail.  Send him an email care of these two staff members:  Chief of Staff Michael Shields Ė michael.schields@mail.house.gov    or Legislative Director Chris Miller at chris.miller@mail.house.gov.  Just address your message to Congressman Reichert and ask Mr. Shields and Mr. Miller to hand deliver them to the Congressman.

-----4.  Call his local office at (206) 275-3438.  Or go by for a visit. The address is 2737 78th Ave, SE., Suite 202, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

-----5.  Call at least three friends and urge them to call also.

-----6.  Please forward this message as widely as you can in Congressman Reichertís District.

*****Talking Points (Pick one, two or three.  Put in your own words)

-----Please donít play partisan politics with my heating bill.  Support ANWR.

-----I simply can't afford to have my heating, gasoline and electricity costs continue to climb.

-----My heating bill is proof of how my family is being hurt by out of control energy costs.

-----It is urgent that the House support the Senate vote in favor of the ANWR and OCS provisions in the Budget Reconciliation Bill.

-----The Senate has already passed these provisions with a bipartisan vote after years of effort.

-----It is important that the House take this rare opportunity to protect American jobs and families from dependence on foreign suppliers.

-----Please, we need your courage and leadership to stand up for Americans and restore the ANWR and OCS provisions to the Budget Reconciliation Bill.

-----I will send you my energy bills every month until ANWR and OCS are opened, as a constant reminder of my desperate situation.

-----My family and I will be forever grateful if you take action to provide us with badly needed help with our heating bill.


ANWR - America's Largest Untapped Oil Field

Critics say oil and gas exploration in ANWR would harm wildlife and wouldn't help our current crisis because the oil won't be available for a decade.

Here's why they're wrong.

-----We need to increase our domestic production and lessen our reliance on foreign oil.  America's dependence on foreign oil has risen sharply in recent years, going from 35% during the 1973 Arab oil embargo, to over 50% today.

-----At current trends, we will import 2 of every 3 barrels of oil by 2020.

-----We are proposing to open only a small fraction - 8 percent - of ANWR for oil and exploration.  This region is a treeless arctic desert with almost no wildlife during its 9-month winters.

-----Up to 16 billion barrels of oil exist in ANWR.  The mean estimate (10.4 billion barrels) would make it the largest oil field discovered in the world in the last 40 years.

-----16 billion barrels of oil would equal 30 years of Saudi imports, and almost 60 years of Iraqi imports.

-----21st century technologies like horizontal drilling, 3-D seismic mapping and ice roads can help us minimize the production footprint to only 2,000 acres out of the 19 million acres of ANWR.  That is equivalent to four average American family farms in a place the size of South Carolina.

-----The Clinton Administration opened up more than twice as much acreage in Alaska's coastal plain for supplies estimated to be only one-fifth as large. It took only three years after opening this area before commercial quantities of oil were discovered.

Oil and gas development has successfully coexisted with wildlife in Alaska's arctic for over 30 years.  The Central Arctic Caribou Herd at Prudhoe Bay has grown from 3,000 in 1970 to 27,000 today - a nine-fold increase.  The population of Grizzly bears and Polar bears has increased.  Oil development has endangered no species.

Now is your chance to do something positive to bring down oil and gas prices.

You can personally change your heating bill for the better by making your call today.

Call Reichert today.  Please, this is a big deal.

Please forward this message widely.

Thank you in advance for your support for the energy future of America.

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