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Subject: Park Service Starving Pilgrim Family Out

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Park Service Starving Pilgrim Family Out

Hot off the press -----  

When the Park Service flew in their swat team and all the supposed experts to tear apart the Pilgrim property, there was a writer there who recorded much of the activity including taking some important pictures.  Her story about the Pilgrims and the Park Service has just been published and has been posted to www.landrights.org.   The pictures are remarkable.   Read this story to see how the Park Service is really treating this family.

Just posted – Short Course On Park Service abuse of landowners and inholders -----

Here is a quick list you can download.  You can share this information with newspaper writers, elected officials and others about the trail of tears left by the Park Service over the years.  You’ll want to use this list over and over so be sure to save it.  It was put together by Ray Kreig in Alaska to help the press understand what the Pilgrims are up again.

Pilgrim Family home burned -----

The Alaska Pilgrim Family home burned completely to the ground last spring.  Everything they owned was inside.  Now that freezing weather is starting (it was 10 degrees there Monday night) they are very short of winter provisions.

They don’t even have the proper clothes or enough food to feed their horses and other animals.  They’ve had to slaughter two milk producing goats for lack of feed.   They need emergency access to get food for themselves and their animals. 

They need windows, insulation, and many other things to winterize the summer building they are staying in.  And these are the immediate things.

They ultimately will need access to their property to bring in supplies so they can begin building another log home.  Much of this material is too big to bring in any other way but by bulldozer towing a trailer or other device.

But for right now, they can get food, sleeping bags (all their bags burned) and other emergency items by airplane.  But it is very expensive.  So their immediate needs are to pay for a bush pilot to bring in survival food and supplies.

Local churches are gearing up -----   

The McCarthy-Kennicott Community Church has set up the Pilgrim Fund to try to meet some of the family needs.   Contributions should be made payable to McCarthy-Kennicott Community Church or MKCC with a notation on the check or money order that it is for the Pilgrim Fund.

They can be mailed to McCarthy-Kennicott Community Church, McCarthy #42, PO Box MXY, Glennallen, Alaska 99588.  For more information, call Rick Kenyon, pastor (also the editor of the local Wrangell-St Elias News at (907) 554-4454.

Oops, We goofed in our e-mail on Monday -----

We misspelled the word Wrangell.   Wrangell is the correct spelling.  

The Pilgrims are trying to get an emergency access permit -----

So far the Park Service has thrown every barrier possible in their way.  Our hope is that by you calling your Congressmen and Senators, enough pressure can be brought to bare to allow the Pilgrims emergency access.  Where there is heat, there is often light.  So your calls do count for something.  You really make a difference when you call.

Below are listed key contacts you can get more information from.  If you have sources of information, material, airplanes, funding or other resources, do not hesitate to call either the McCarthy-Kennicott Community Church at the number above,  American Land Rights Association at (360) 687-3087 or any of the following people.


Ray Kreig, American Land Rights, Anchorage, Alaska (907) 276-2025, ray@kreig.com

JP Tangen, Pilgrim lawyer, (907) 222-3985, jpt@jptangen.com --  www.jptangen.com

Steve Borell, Alaska Miners Assoc. (907) 563-9229, ama@alaska miners.org

Rick Kenyon, Wrangell-St Elias News, (907) 554-4454, wsen@starband,net -- www.mccarthy-kennicott.com


-----1.  Network this e-mail message as widely as possible.  Forward it.  Talk about it.  Go to www.landrights.org/ak and read about it.  Send it to your Congressman and Senators.

-----2.  Contact Senator Ted Stevens – (202) 224-3004 – (907) 271-5915 -- FAX  (202) 224-2354 – www.stevens.senate.gov    

-----3.  Contact Senator Lisa Murkowski – 202) 224-6665 – (907) 271-3735 – FAX (202) 224-5301 – www.murkowski.senate.gov

-----4.  Contact Representative Don Young – (202) 225-5765 – (907) 271-5978 – FAX (202) 225-0425 – don.young@mail.house.gov

-----5.  Contact your own Senators and Congressman to urge that Park Service funds for  military operations like those in Alaska be stopped NOW (see pictures on www.landrights.org/ak).  Urge them to demand hearings into this kind of behavior by the Park Service.  Urge them to shut off the money for the Park Service until they begin to behave in a people friendly manner.  The Park Service is out of control.


-----You can call every Representative or Senator at (202) 224-3121.   A TEMPORARY TOLL FREE  NUMBER  is (800) 648-3516.


This is a chance for the grassroots to shine.  Please also call Senators, Stevens and Murkowski and Congressman Young to urge them to do what they have the power to do.  Force the Park Service to provide emergency access over an existing RS 2477 road before the weather makes it impossible.   The Pilgrims only have a short amount of time.

Please forward this message as widely as possible.  Thank you.

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