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Subject: Oh, No.  John Turner For Under Secretary of Interior

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Oh, No.  John Turner For Under Secretary of Interior

From American Land Rights Association

YOU can have a say in who is the next Secretary of the Interior!

The Green are planning to take back the position.

Great favorite John Turner is being considered for the position of Under-Secretary of the Interior to replace Steven Griles.  The idea is to have Gale Norton resign in the next two years and move Turner up to Secretary of Interior.

Thousands of landowners and Federal land users worked hard in 2001 to head off Turner.

Now you must do it again.

If you contact the Bush Administration, your voice will be heard.

Your Senators and Congressman must oppose Turner.


Land Grabber John Turner.   He is currently in charge of environmental issues at the State Department after you defeated him in 2001 at Interior.  He works very closely with the United Nations in his position.  But because he is a close friend of Vice-President Cheney and from Wyoming, you can see his hand in other issues throughout the government.

Before the Bush Administration he was President of the Conservation Fund.  The Fund is one of the leading trust funds dedicated to threatening, dividing and isolating land owners and small towns.  He is responsible for wrecking countless families and communities by his Fund working with Clinton Administration federal agents.

Here's how The Conservation Fund works. Federal agents harass small property owners with regulations such as the Endangered Species Act, prohibiting them from fixing a fence, repairing a shed or maintaining a road.  After the feds drive the landowner to distraction, The Conservation Fund then offers to buy the land at a few cents per dollar of what the property is worth - take it or leave it.

This is what the Land Grabbers call "reaching common ground." And what do you know, the name of John Turner's former newsletter is - you guessed it - "Common Ground."

John Turner was, of course, a great supporter of CARA, the $45 billion
dollar Condemnation and Relocation Act. His fund stood to gain millions in
grant money from CARA to continue its activities, and to pay Turner's
salary when he was at the Conservation Fund, estimated at well into six figures, plus expense accounts, etc etc etc.

The new CARA Clone bills will be re-introduced shortly.  With John Turner at Interior, he will work to help pass the bill.  If the CARA Clones pass Congress, John Turner will be all over landowners and Federal land users.

Check it out for yourself, at http://www.conservationfund.org   In particular, check out the "Conservation Leadership Network."

The Network is the leading training school that teaches federal agents and environmentalists methods of harassing land owners and kicking them off their property. The school is subsidized by your tax dollars via grants from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Big Government, Big Green. When John Turner is involved, there's not really much difference!

And he is being considered for a TOP JOB, even Secretary of Interior, in a REPUBLICAN administration!!!  But first, they will try to quietly appoint him Under-Secretary of Interior.  He will undermine Gale Norton and threaten you terribly.

Tell us what you think about this via email or fax. Contact us to receive your very own NO JOHN TURNER, NO LAND GRAB poster.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, tell the people below what you think.  They will have an important say in the key appointments at the Interior Department.

*****You must tell your Senators and Congressman as well as key White House Officials:  MAKE  THOSE  CALLS.


John Turner should have NO ROLE in the Bush Administration!

These are the people in the White House who YOU MUST CONTACT:

Internet:  http://www.whitehouse.gov

White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card  (202) 56-6798
Assistant to the President for Policy Josh Bolton  (202) 456-6798

Senior Advisory to the President  Karl Rove  (202) 456-2108

Assistant to the President and White House Communications Director  Daniel Bartlett  (202) 456-7910.

Here are the Key Interior Department names and numbers:

Internet:  http://www.doi.gov

Interior Secretary Gale Norton  (202 208-7351 --   http//www.doi.gov/secretary/  Fax: (202 208-5048.  E-mail:  gale_norton@ios.doi.gov

White House Liaison Douglas Domenech  (202 208-5647  E-mail:  douglas_domenech@ios.dooi.gov   There is an underscore between Douglas and domenech.

Here are the Key Agriculture Department names and numbers:

Internet Personnel Locator:  http://www.usda.gov/phonebook

Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman  (202) 720-3631  E-mail:  ann_veneman@usda.gov   Fax:  (202) 720-6314.

Nominated Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns (nominated)   (202) 720-3641
Under-Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment  Mark Rey  (202 720-7173.  Fax:  (202) 720-4732.  E-mail:  mark_Rey@usda.gov

Call your Senators -- Any Senator may be called at (202) 224-3121.  Ask them to call the White House to oppose the appointment of John Turner.
Call your Congressman --  Call any Congressman at (202) 225-3121.

Your calls are critical.  Please do not fail.   John Turner would be a disaster in the Interior Department.  Last year the Interior Department began to show more interest in private property.  If Turner is appointed, you will lose ground.  You must flood those phone numbers.  Phone and fax are best.

*****Please forward this message as widely as possible as quickly as possible.

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