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Subject: Stop Closures At Lake Berryessa -- Call Your Congressman today!

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Stop Closures At Lake Berryessa -- Call Your Congressman today! 

Your Congressman listed below can help save Lake Berryessa motorized watercraft, family recreation and public access.  

Will He? – You Can Make The Difference.  Make your call today!


The Bureau of Reclamation is largely closing down what may be the best water skiing and recreation lake in Northern California.  The Bush Administration is allowing a Clinton Era plan to go forward even though it guts family recreation, cuts boats from over 3000 to just 700, gets rid of most motorized watercraft, cuts tent camping in half, cuts docks from 1,400 to 600 and eliminates all 1347 mobile homes and trailers, reduces the resorts, shackling those that are left and generally reduces camping, family and public access.  The Sierra Club and BOR claim the resorts reduce public access.  The resorts only affect 12 miles out of the 170 miles of the lake edge.  It is BOR that is eliminating public use and access. 


Call your Congressman listed below.  Ask him to require the Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) to meet with him and the Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo to discuss the BOR Plan calling for the reduction of public access, family recreation and motorized watercraft.  BOR is refusing to meet. There is an urgent need for you to make this call.  Get a commitment from your Congressman that he’ll follow through and ask the staff person you talk to for a follow-up call to you.   

The Bureau of Reclamation is trying to do the Sierra Club bidding and take Lake Berryessa back to a more Wilderness like experience.  Of course, Lake Berryessa never was a Wilderness lake, it is man made.

Are you a user at Lake Berryesssa?  This is a fight about your future and the future of family recreation across America.  This is a fight for private property and free enterprise.  The BOR wants Lake Berryessa to go to a big government solution where they get rid of the resorts funded by long-term users and instead have the government pick up all the costs.  Never mind that the long-term users subsidize your use and many services.  It’s your tax dollars they don’t have to spend.

If you are not a user at Lake Berryessa, this is still your fight.  Taking private property, putting people out of business, social engineering and Wilderness are all goals of environmental groups.  If you don’t want access to your Federal areas limited to the young and healthy, then this is your fight.  If you want to be able to take a car and camp at Federal land areas and parks, this is your fight.  If you believe the family recreation is desirable, then this is your fight.

Frankly, by standing up for the users of Lake Berryessa today, they will be there to help you when you are threatened sometime in the future.  And you WILL BE  threatened some time down the line.  The government has too many bureaucrats, land grabbers, and planners for you not to be on their target list eventually.  They must find something to do.  Even if it destroys your private property.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Call your Congressional Representative listed below.   Every Congressman can be reached at (202) 225-3121.  

-----!.     Call, fax and e-mail Rep.  Mike Thompson (D-CA).  Lake Berryessa is in his district.  You need to also ask him to request Chairman Richard Pombo of the Resources Committee to hold hearings on Lake Berryessa and the BOR.

Phone:  (202) 225-3311.  FAX:  (202) 225-4335.  You can send him an e-mail message by going to his website at http://www.mikethompson.house.gov

-----2.      Contact Chairman Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA) of the Resources Committee.  This is the kind of issue he has concerns about.   Let him know you support taking direct action.  Ask for Congressional hearings on Lake Berryessa.   Ask him to request the BOR come in for a meeting.    Call (202) 225-2761 -- FAX: (202) 225-5929 – http://resourcescommittee.house.gov

-----3.   Rep. Wally Herger (R-CA), (202) 225-3076 – FAX (202) 226-0852 –  www.house.gov/herger/    The Herger, Lundgren and Doolittle districts are close to Lake Berryessa.  They must be called faxed and e-mailed by constituents to urge them to ask Chairman Pombo to hold hearings and the BOR to meet with Pombo and the Resources Committee staff. 

-----4.   Rep. Dan Lundgren (R-CA) (202) 225-5716 – FAX (202) 226-1298 --

-----5.   Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA) (202) 225-2511 – FAX (202) 225-5444 –- www.house.gov/lundgren/  

-----6.    Go to www.landrights.org and print out one of the Lake Berryessa Testimony Questionnaires.   Use it when you make your call.  Fax it to your Congressman and also fax it back to American Land Rights at (360) 687-2973.
We will hand deliver it to their Washington, DC office.

You can also help by contacting the Interior Department:

AA.  Call, Fax and E-mail -- Secretary of Interior Gale Norton
(202) 208-7351 – FAX: (202) 219-2100 - gale_norton@ios.doi.gov

BB.  Call, Fax and E-mail – Deputy Lynn Scarlett (202) 208-4203  -- FAX: (202) 208-1873 – lynn_scarlett@ios.doi.gov

CC.   Call, Fax and E-mail Commissioner of Bureau of Reclamation – John Keyes.  (202) 513-0501 – FAX:  (202) 513-0309 – jkeys@usbr.gov

DD.   Call, fax and e-mail Mark Limbaugh – Deputy Commissioner of Reclamation (202) 513-0540 – FAX: (202) 513-0309 – mlimbaugh@usbr.gov

***Here is what you should say:

-----Insist that your Congressman call both BOR and Chairman Pombo of the Resources Committee to urge that a meeting take place as soon as possible.

-----Ask your Congressman to request hearings into the BOR plan to drastically cut back public use and access at Lake Berryessa.

-----BOR must throw out the present plan to cut down or eliminate public use and access by the general public, long-term site permittees, boaters, and dock owners.

-----BOR must stop the removal of long-term tenants.

-----BOR must stop the discrimination against long-term users and 
motorized watercraft.

-----No private property should be taken without compensation.

-----Bush Administration officials must require the Bureau of Reclamation be good neighbors at Lake Berryessa.

Please forward this message as widely as possible.

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