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Subject: Greens Hitting Pombo At U of Pacific Tonight

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Greens Hitting Pombo At U of Pacific Tonight

Meeting Tonight (Thursday) in Stockton

Tonight at the University of Pacific Defenders of Wildlife will be organizing an attack on Representative Richard Pombo (R-CA).  

Help Richard Pombo and stand up to those who seek to try to limit his ability to do his job.  Go to the University of the Pacific tonight and have some fun.

It would be really great for some supporters of Pombo and others to show up who believe in private property, Federal land use and actually recovering endangered species instead of using them as a shield in support of massive land use controls.

Can you come to the University of the Pacific a little before 7:00 PM at the Wendell Phillips Center, Room 140?  This is really important.

Call three of your friends and all go together.  Just go in the room and participate in the discussion.  Keep a smile on your face.   It will be great fun and you’ll learn a lot.  We’ve done this lots of times before and people are often reluctant to go but always glad they did.  You’ll have a great time. 

University of the Pacific is located at 3601 Pacific Ave, Stockton, Ca.  You can call (209) 946-2011 or (209) 946-2285 for help getting there.  The Wendell Phillips Center is on Stadium Drive at the corner of Stagg Way just West of Pacific Avenue.  There is parking on both sides of the building.

If you want a map, go to Google and type in University of the Pacific.  Then in the search area at the upper right, type in Wendell Phillips Center.  Go partway down the page that comes up and you’ll find a map.  Click on the pdf button. 

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Defenders of Wildlife recently set up a regional office in Stockton, CA as a
way to put pressure on Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo (R-CA) on ESA.  As you can see below, its regional director Claudia Eyzaguirre is the contact for the ESA event at the University of the Pacific (UOP).  

Contact is Claudia Eyzaguirre at 209-464-4985
This came from the Stockton paper yesterday.

UOP is hosting a forum to support the federal ESA Act, which was passed in
1973 to protect animals and habitats on the verge of extinction.  The forum
will begin at 7pm Thursday at Pacific's Wendell Phillips Center, Rm 140.
There will be an optional letter-writing campaign and reception hosted by
Students Teaching and Advocating Animal Rights after the forum.

Below is a column written for the Stockton's chapter of the Sierra Club by the new regional director of Defenders of Wildlife in Stockton.  

Below you will also notice the add by Optometrist  Michael J. Molamphy, O.D  supporting the Sierra Club.  It would be a good idea to mention your concerns to him.

Subject: recent newsletter from the Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club - Column by Claudia Eyzaguirre

Defend the Endangered Species Act!

Defenders of Wildlife builds grassroots support
for the ESA in the San Joaquin Valley
Greetings. My name is Claudia Eyzaguirre and I am an
organizer with Defenders of Wildlife. I will be your neighbor
in Stockton for the next several months. I will be working to
deepen and strengthen support for the Endangered Species
Act during a crucial time.

For over 30 years, the Endangered Species Act has been

our safety net for America's wild plants and animals on the
verge of extinction. From wolves in Yellowstone to manatee
in Florida to sea otters on California coasts, the Endangered
Species Act has saved hundreds of species from extinction
and made a critical impact on the recovery of hundreds of
species. Because of the Endangered Species Act, California
condors have been reintroduced to the wild along with species
like the black-footed ferret. Without the ESA, these incredible
species and hundreds of others could have disappeared from
our American landscape forever.

After 30 years of serving as one of our country's last
defenses against the destruction of our natural world, the
Endangered Species Act is under threat from powerful
corporate interests and their allies in Congress. Emboldened
by this fall's election results, opponents of endangered species
have announced their intent to devastate the ESA. Two bills,
championed in Congress by California Congressmen, intend
to effectively repeal the law by making it unenforceable and
meaningless. The bills attack critical habitat designation to
recover species and make a mockery of the scientific analysis
used in deciding what species need protection and where.

The Endangered Species Act is up for re-authorization in
arguably the worst anti-environmental administration in
recent US history. We sit in the home district of the
Congressman-Richard Pombo, Chair of the House
Resources Committee-who has the decision-making power
to dismantle the ESA. We must show that the constituents of
District 11 do not support extremist anti-conservation
policies. We do not support the legislation of Rep. Dennis
Cardoza that seeks to remove the critical habitat protection of
the ESA, making it virtually impossible for species to ever
recover and be removed from the Endangered Species List.

As observers of the natural world, we know that the best way
to protect endangered species is to protect their homes.
Over the next few months, I will be building a diverse
coalition of supporters of the ESA. We will be raising the
visibility of ESA support, de-bunking the myths of its burden-
someness, and reaching out to less traditional wildlife

I invite you to join with Defenders and me in this
nationwide grassroots effort to show our Congress people
that endangered species conservation is a California value. We
will be organizing a series of events to activate support for the
ESA. Please feel free to contact me directly at (209) 464-8549
or via email Claudia@greencorps.org. I look forward to
working with you all.


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Feb/Mar/Apr 2005

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