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Subject: All Senators e-mail addresses and phones in the 59th Washington State

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All Senators e-mail addresses and phones in the 59th Washington State Legislature 2005-2006

Don't Let Senator Prentice Practice The Politics Of "Hate"

Senator Prentice Thinks She Can Ignore You 


You need to continue to call her office.

Send her e-mails too.

You also need to call and send an e-mail to your own Senators.

Below are lists of all the Washington State Senators with their e-mail addresses, phone numbers and district locations.  Everything you need to send a piece of your mind to your Senators about Senator Prentice's "hate" statement.


Don't let Senator Prentice get away with calling a grassroots group a "hate group."    

Senator Prentice called Stand Up For Clark County Citizens a "hate group."

She is trying to intimidate this small local organization that is trying to protect their community from a fifth largest casino in the country.

This behavior by Senator Margarita Prentice is completely inappropriate.   She tried to use a McCarthyist tactic to try to damage Stand Up For Clark County Citizens.  Instead, she has damaged the credibility of the entire State Senate.

She needs to apologize for her attack or she should resign her position in the Washington State Senate.  There is no place for McCarthyism on the political playing field.   

Don't let Senator Prentice intimidate local people who simply want to oppose something they believe threatens their community.  Tell Senator Prentice that she must return to civility.  She should be ashamed.  Ask your Senators to talk to her about her statement and insist that she apologize.  Get a commitment from your Senators that they will follow through.

Please Call and send an email to your Senators today.  Get others to do the same. 

Call Senator Prentice every day this week.  Ask your friends and neighbors to do so also.

Thank you for your work.
Chuck Cushman, American Land Rights Association  


American Land Rights Association
PO Box 400
Battle Ground, WA 98604
(360) 687-3087
FAX (360) 687-2973
Contact: Chuck Cushman, Executive Director (360) 687-3087

Contact: Senator Margarita Prentice
16 John A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA 98504-0411
Phone: (360) 786-7616
FAX: (360) 786-1999
E-mail: prentice.margarita@leg.wa.gov
Senators in the 59th Washington State Legislature 2005-2006 

Name E-mail District Party 

Senator Brad Benson benson.brad@leg.wa.gov District 6 R 
Senator Don Benton benton.don@leg.wa.gov District 17 R 
Senator Jean Berkey berkey.jean@leg.wa.gov District 38 D 
Senator Dale Brandland brandland.dale@leg.wa.gov District 42 R 
Senator Lisa Brown brown.lisa@leg.wa.gov District 3 D 
Senator Mike Carrell carrell.michael@leg.wa.gov District 28 R 
Senator Alex Deccio deccio.alex@leg.wa.gov District 14 R 
Senator Jerome Delvin delvin.jerome@leg.wa.gov District 8 R 
Senator Mark Doumit doumit.mark@leg.wa.gov District 19 D 
Senator Tracey Eide eide.tracey@leg.wa.gov District 30 D 
Senator Luke Esser esser.luke@leg.wa.gov District 48 R 
Senator Darlene Fairley fairley.darlene@leg.wa.gov District 32 D 
Senator Bill Finkbeiner finkbeiner.bill@leg.wa.gov District 45 R 
Senator Rosa Franklin franklin.rosa@leg.wa.gov District 29 D 
Senator Karen Fraser fraser.karen@leg.wa.gov District 22 D 
Senator James Hargrove hargrove.jim@leg.wa.gov District 24 D 
Senator Mary Margaret Haugen haugen.marymargaret@leg.wa.gov District 10 D 
Senator Mike Hewitt hewitt.mike@leg.wa.gov District 16 R 
Senator Jim Honeyford honeyford.jim@leg.wa.gov District 15 R 
Senator Ken Jacobsen jacobsen.ken@leg.wa.gov District 46 D 
Senator Stephen Johnson johnson.stephen@leg.wa.gov District 47 R 
Senator Jim Kastama kastama.jim@leg.wa.gov District 25 D 
Senator Karen Keiser keiser.karen@leg.wa.gov District 33 D 
Senator Adam Kline kline.adam@leg.wa.gov District 37 D 
Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles kohl-welles.jeanne@leg.wa.gov District 36 D 
Senator Rosemary McAuliffe mcauliffe.rosemary@leg.wa.gov District 1 D 
Senator Bob McCaslin mccaslin.bob@leg.wa.gov District 4 R 
Senator Bob Morton morton.bob@leg.wa.gov District 7 R 
Senator Joyce Mulliken mulliken.j@leg.wa.gov District 13 R 
Senator Bob Oke oke.bob@leg.wa.gov District 26 R 
Senator Linda Evans Parlette parlette.linda@leg.wa.gov District 12 R 
Senator Cheryl Pflug pflug.cheryl@leg.wa.gov District 5 R 
Senator Erik Poulsen poulsen.erik@leg.wa.gov District 34 D 
Senator Margarita Prentice prentice.margarita@leg.wa.gov District 11 D 
Senator Craig Pridemore pridemore.craig@leg.wa.gov District 49 D 
Senator Marilyn Rasmussen rasmussen.marilyn@leg.wa.gov District 2 D 
Senator Debbie Regala regala.debbie@leg.wa.gov District 27 D 
Senator Pam Roach roach.pam@leg.wa.gov District 31 R 
Senator Phil Rockefeller rockefeller.phil@leg.wa.gov District 23 D 
Senator Dave Schmidt schmidt.dave@leg.wa.gov District 44 R 
Senator Mark Schoesler schoesler.mark@leg.wa.gov District 9 R 
Senator Tim Sheldon sheldon.timothy@leg.wa.gov District 35 D 
Senator Paull Shin shin.paull@leg.wa.gov District 21 D 
Senator Harriet Spanel spanel.harriet@leg.wa.gov District 40 D 
Senator Val Stevens stevens.val@leg.wa.gov District 39 R 
Senator Dan Swecker swecker.dan@leg.wa.gov District 20 R 
Senator Pat Thibaudeau thibaudeau.pat@leg.wa.gov District 43 D 
Senator Brian Weinstein weinstein.brian@leg.wa.gov District 41 D 
Senator Joseph Zarelli zarelli.joseph@leg.wa.gov District 18 R 

Washington State Senate 
Roster of Members 
Report as of 05/16/2005 

Member Party District Room Phone 

Benson, Brad R 6          INB 106B (360) 786-7610 
Benton, Don R 17          INB 109B (360) 786-7632 
Berkey, Jean D 38          JAC 424 (360) 786-7674 
Brandland, Dale R 42          INB 203 (360) 786-7682 
Brown, Lisa D 3          LEG 307 (360) 786-7604 
Carrell, Mike R 28          INB 109A (360) 786-7654 
Deccio, Alex R 14          LEG 414 (360) 786-7626 
Delvin, Jerome R 8          INB 201 (360) 786-7614 
Doumit, Mark D 19          JAC 405 (360) 786-7636 
Eide, Tracey D 30          LEG 402 (360) 786-7658 
Esser, Luke R 48          LEG 416 (360) 786-7694 
Fairley, Darlene D 32          JAC 425 (360) 786-7662 
Finkbeiner, Bill R 45          LEG 314 (360) 786-7672 
Franklin, Rosa D 29          LEG 312 (360) 786-7656 
Fraser, Karen D 22          LEG 404 (360) 786-7642 
Hargrove, James D 24          LEG 411 (360) 786-7646 
Haugen, Mary Margaret D 10          LEG 407 (360) 786-7618 
Hewitt, Mike R 16          INB 204 (360) 786-7630 
Honeyford, Jim R 15          LEG 316 (360) 786-7684 
Jacobsen, Ken D 46          JAC 437 (360) 786-7690 
Johnson, Stephen R 47          INB 107 (360) 786-7692 
Kastama, Jim D 25          JAC 402 (360) 786-7648 
Keiser, Karen D 33          JAC 338 (360) 786-7664 
Kline, Adam D 37          JAC 431 (360) 786-7688 
Kohl-Welles, Jeanne D 36          JAC 432 (360) 786-7670 
McAuliffe, Rosemary D 1          LEG 403 (360) 786-7600 
McCaslin, Bob R 4          INB 112 (360) 786-7606 
Morton, Bob R 7          INB 115D (360) 786-7612 
Mulliken, Joyce R 13          INB 115B (360) 786-7624 
Oke, Bob R 26          INB 110 (360) 786-7650 
Parlette, Linda Evans R 12          LEG 415 (360) 786-7622 
Pflug, Cheryl R 5          INB 102 (360) 786-7608 
Poulsen, Erik D 34          JAC 336 (360) 786-7667 
Prentice, Margarita D 11          JAC 316 (360) 786-7616 
Pridemore, Craig D 49          JAC 427 (360) 786-7696 
Rasmussen, Marilyn D 2          LEG 409 (360) 786-7602 
Regala, Debbie D 27          JAC 417 (360) 786-7652 
Roach, Pam R 31          INB 202 (360) 786-7660 
Rockefeller, Phil D 23          JAC 419 (360) 786-7644 
Schmidt, Dave R 44          LEG 417 (360) 786-7686 
Schoesler, Mark R 9          INB 106A (360) 786-7620 
Sheldon, Tim D 35          LEG 412 (360) 786-7668 
Shin, Paull D 21          LEG 405 (360) 786-7640 
Spanel, Harriet D 40          LEG 305 (360) 786-7678 
Stevens, Val R 39          INB 105 (360) 786-7676 
Swecker, Dan R 20          INB 103 (360) 786-7638 
Thibaudeau, Pat D 43          JAC 414 (360) 786-7628 
Weinstein, Brian D 41          JAC 422 (360) 786-7641 
Zarelli, Joseph R 18          INB 205 (360) 786-7634 

Washington State Senate 
Members, Districts, and Counties 
Report as of 05/16/2005 

Member Party District Counties 

Benson, Brad R 6 Spokane (P) 
Benton, Don R 17 Clark (P) 
Berkey, Jean D 38 Snohomish (P) 
Brandland, Dale R 42 Whatcom (P) 
Brown, Lisa D 3 Spokane (P) 
Carrell, Mike R 28 Pierce (P) 
Deccio, Alex R 14 Yakima (P) 
Delvin, Jerome R 8 Benton (P) 
Doumit, Mark D 19 Cowlitz (P), Grays Harbor (P), Pacific, Wahkiakum 
Eide, Tracey D 30 King (P) 
Esser, Luke R 48 King (P) 
Fairley, Darlene D 32 King (P), Snohomish (P) 
Finkbeiner, Bill R 45 King (P) 
Franklin, Rosa D 29 Pierce (P) 
Fraser, Karen D 22 Thurston (P) 
Hargrove, James D 24 Clallam, Grays Harbor (P), Jefferson 
Haugen, Mary Margaret D 10 Island, Skagit (P), Snohomish (P) 
Hewitt, Mike R 16 Benton (P), Columbia, Franklin (P), Walla Walla 
Honeyford, Jim R 15 Clark (P), Klickitat, Skamania, Yakima (P) 
Jacobsen, Ken D 46 King (P) 
Johnson, Stephen R 47 King (P) 
Kastama, Jim D 25 Pierce (P) 
Keiser, Karen D 33 King (P) 
Kline, Adam D 37 King (P) 
Kohl-Welles, Jeanne D 36 King (P) 
McAuliffe, Rosemary D 1 King (P), Snohomish (P) 
McCaslin, Bob R 4 Spokane (P) 
Morton, Bob R 7 Ferry, Lincoln, Okanogan (P), Pend Oreille, Spokane (P), Stevens 
Mulliken, Joyce R 13 Grant (P), Kittitas, Yakima (P) 
Oke, Bob R 26 Kitsap (P), Pierce (P) 
Parlette, Linda Evans R 12 Chelan, Douglas, Grant (P), Okanogan (P) 
Pflug, Cheryl R 5 King (P) 
Poulsen, Erik D 34 King (P) 
Prentice, Margarita D 11 King (P) 
Pridemore, Craig D 49 Clark (P) 
Rasmussen, Marilyn D 2 Pierce (P), Thurston (P) 
Regala, Debbie D 27 Pierce (P) 
Roach, Pam R 31 King (P), Pierce (P) 
Rockefeller, Phil D 23 Kitsap (P) 
Schmidt, Dave R 44 Snohomish (P) 
Schoesler, Mark R 9 Adams, Asotin, Franklin (P), Garfield, Spokane (P), Whitman 
Sheldon, Tim D 35 Grays Harbor (P), Kitsap (P), Mason, Thurston (P) 
Shin, Paull D 21 Snohomish (P) 
Spanel, Harriet D 40 San Juan, Skagit (P), Whatcom (P) 
Stevens, Val R 39 King (P), Skagit (P), Snohomish (P), Whatcom (P) 
Swecker, Dan R 20 Lewis, Thurston (P) 
Thibaudeau, Pat D 43 King (P) 
Weinstein, Brian D 41 King (P) 
Zarelli, Joseph R 18 Clark (P), Cowlitz (P) 

 (P) after county name indicates only part of the county is included in the district 

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