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ATTENTION: Farmers, Miners, Loggers, Ranchers, Hunters, Private Property Advocates:

Join The No Treaty In Kyoto White House Phone-In

Urge President Clinton To Oppose the Global Warming Treaty


White House E-Mail -- president@whitehouse.gov

All numbers begin with (202) 456- Presidential Message Center 456-1111
President Bill Clinton 1414 Erskine Bowles, Chief of Staff 6798
Rahm Emanuel, Sr Advisor 2531 Robert Weiner, Senior Counsel 7900
Sylvia Mathews, Asst to President 6797 Douglas Sosnik, Counselor to Pres 1290
Ira Magaziner, Sr Adviser 6406 Molly Varney, Sp. Asst to Counselor 1915
FAX 7431 John Hilley, Sr Advisor to Pres 2230
Charles Ruff, Counsel to the Pres 2632 Cheryl Mills, Dep Asst to Pres 6611
Michael McCurry, White House Press 2673 Marie Echavest, Asst to the Pres 2930
Bob Nash, Asst to the Pres 6676 Stephanie Street, Asst to the Pres 2823
Staff Secretary, Asst to Pres (vacant) 2702 Bruce Reed, Asst to the Pres 2216
Michelle Crisci, Asst to Sr Adv 2531 Kevin Moran, Staff Asst 2640
Michael Waldman, Asst to Pres 2777 David Shipley, Spec Asst to Pres 7289
Ann Walker, Special Asst 7845 Brenda Costello, Assoc Dir of Res 2131
Kathleen McGinty, CEQ 6224 Mack McLarty, Counselor to Pres 2000
FAX 6546 Ann Lewis, Dir of Comm 2640
Gene Sperling, Asst to the Pres 6630 Sara Latham, Spec Asst 2459
Mickey Ibarra, Asst to the Pres 7060 Sandy Berger, Asst to the Pres 9481
John Gibbons, Asst to the Pres 7116 Craig Smith, Asst to the Pres 1125
Thomas Janenda, Asst to the Pres 6797 Thurgood Marshall Jr, Asst to Pres 2572
Debi Schiff, West Wing Reception 2605 Patty McHugh, Asst to the Counselor 2463
Nelson Cunningham, Staff Dir 2000 Nancy Hernreich, Dep Asst to Pres 6610
Janis Kearny, Special Asst to Pres 1997 Rebecca Cameron, Staff Asst 6610
Helen Robinson, Staff Asst 2957 Karen Tramontano, COS Senior Ad 6796
Beverly Barnes, COS Senior Adv 6797 Victoria Radd, COS Chief of Staff 6798
Jason Ggoldberg, COS Spec Asst 6798 Laura Marcus, COS Senior Adv 1921
Hillary Rodham Clinton,First Lady 6266 Executive Assist First Lady (Vacant) 7064
FAX 6244 Alice Pushkar, First Lady’s Corresp 2941
Capricia Marshall, Spec Asst to FL 7136 Ann McCoy, Social Secretary 2322
FAX 6235 Steven Cohen, Dep Press Sec 2960
Kevin Moran, Staff Asst 2640 Virginia Canter, Assoc Counsel 6229
Dawn Chirwa, Assoc Counsel 7903 Adam Goldberg, Assoc Counsel 7949
Lisa Hertler, Assoc Counsel 2659 Michael Imbroscio, Assoc Counsel 6243
Virginia Rustique, Spec Assit Leg 2230 Chris Walker, Spec Assit Legislat. 7500
Susan Brophy, Dep Asst Leg 2230 Joshua King, Dir of Production 2640
Jeff Forbes, Spec Asst Legis 6493 Janet Murguia, Dep Asst Legis 6620
Tracy Thornton, Spec Asst Legis 7557 Nancy Soderberg, Dep Asst Sec 2224
Julie Green, Reg Coordinator 7150 Cecily Williams, Spec Asst 2896
Christopher Lavery, Spec Asst Pol Dir 1125 Minyon Moore Dep Asst Pol Aff 6257
Linda Moore, Spec Asst Pol Aff 6500 Maria Echaveste, Asst Pres Pub Aff 2930
Lisa Ross, Dep Dir Womens Prog 7300 Shenna Blunt Special Asst 5165
Phillip Caplan, Sep Asst to Pres 2702 Stephen Goodin, Special Asst 1831
Jim Dorskind, Spec Asst Corresp 7610 Sue Smith, Dir Agency Liaison 7486
Lori Abrams, Dep Dir, Correspond 7133 Reuben Musgrave, Pres Letters 7610
FAX 2461 Carmen Fowler, Pres Messages 7487
Debra Wood, Student Correspond 7734 Shelley Walker, Volunteer Office 5456
Timothy Saunders, Exec Clerk 2226 Terry Good, Dir, Records Mgt 2240
Sylvia Mathews, Asst to the Pres 6797 Virginia Apuzzo, Asst to Pres for Mgt 2861
Marie Westfried, Dir Intern Prog. 2742 Alan Sullivan, Dep Asst Military Off 2150
Michael Malone, Spec Asst to Pres 2500 Courtland Willman, Staff Asst 2009
Patti Cogdell, WH Conference Cent 7507 Robert McNeely, Dir Photo Serv 4050
Lori Wiener, Phot Editing 6709 Alex Nagy, Dir, WH Phone Service 2523
Susanna Ludwig, WH Operations 2134 Melinda Bates, Special Asst Visitors 2322
Susan Hazard, WH Travel Office 2250 Robyn Dickey, Dep Dir Spec Events 7136
Patsy Thomasson, Dep Asst Pres 6676 Lisa Williams, Asst to Dep Dir Pers 7846
FAX 5045 Alex Mandi, Staff Asst Pres Personel 5258
Marie-Therese Domininguez, Pres 1904 Denise Ryan, Dep Assoc Pres Pers 5272
Charles Duncan Spec Asst Pres Pers 5263 Eileen Colbert,Staff Asst Pres Pers 1663
Sheelah Feinbert, Dep Asoc Pres 5265 Thomas Shea, Spec Asst Pres 7831
Miriam Vogel, Spec Asst Pres Pers 2684 Walker Bass, Dep Assoc Dir Pres 7149
Dorian Weaver, Spec Asst Pres Pers 5285 Phy Hyunh, Staff Asst Pres Pers 5293
Gino Del Sesto, Staff Asst Pres Pers 5239 Douglas Sheorn, Info Systems 2966
Anne Edwards, Spec Asst to the Pres 7560 April Mellody, Asst Press Sec 2580
Albert Gore Jr, Vice President 2326 Tipper Gore, Wife of VP 6640
FAX 7074 Stephanie Street, Asst to Pres Sched 2823
Ron Klain, Counselor to the Vice 6605 Chief of Staff to the Vice President 7021
Charles Berson, Counselor to the VP 7022 Kay Casstevens, Dir Leg Affairs 8391
Ginny Terzano, Press Secretary 7035 Donald Gips, Dom Pol Advisor 6222
Leon Fuerty, Asst to Vice Nat Sec 9501 Joe Lockhart, Special Asst 2580
Kimberly Tilley, Dir of Schedule 4245 Terri Tingen, Staff Asst 1992
Shanan Guinn, Asst Dir of Sched 6481 Karen Finney, Dep Dir of Sched 7951
Laura Graham, Dep Dir of Sched 2349 Aviva Steinberg, Dep Dir of Sched 2920
Kirk Hanlin, Trip Director 5312 Chip Payson, Dir of Sched Corres 5306
James Steinberg, Dep Asst Natl Sec 2257 Lori Anderson, Spec Asst Press 2673
Anne Luzzatto, Dep Asst and Dep Pres 9271 Lorrie Wytkind, Dep Asst to Pres 2987
Mike McCurry, Press Secretary 6423 Thurgood Marshall Jr, Cabinet Sec 6704
Mickey Ibarra, Dir of In Gov Aff 6220 John Gibbons, Science Asst to Pres 5021
Erskine Bowles, Chief of Staff 1907 Ann Walker, Dir of Research 2239
White House Counsel 6279 Associate Counsel 1647
Lanny Davis, Special Counsel 5505 Susan Allen, Paralegal 2146
Chris Walker, Corres and Messages 6221 Alphonso Maldon, Dep Asst Leg Aff 2604
Joshua King, Pres Events 2380 Ann Edwards, Dir of Press Advance 6208
Julie Green, Media Affairs 6409 Dagoberto Vega, News Analysis 2362

What is the Kyoto Global Climate Treaty? The provisions of the Treaty are now being negotiated, with completion set for December. Negotiators are discussing CO2 emission reduction targets that range from stabilizing emission at 1990 levels to reducing them by as much as 30 percent below 1990 levels. Deadlines range from 2005 to 2020. Other issues are also in dispute. For example, how will we know what emission reductions have been achieved by each country? Who will make certain the commitments are kept? Will international emission trading be allowed?

Two decisions have been reached: first, the treaty will impose emission reduction obligations only on the 36 "developed nations" affected by the 1992 Rio Treaty. So-called "developing nations" will not be affected, at least by the initial emission reduction requirements. Second, even though they will not be affected, the developing nations will be allowed to vote on the amount of emission reductions to be imposed on the US and other developed nations.

What will the Global Climate Treaty Cost You? The new treaty will be very costly for consumers and the US Economy. Until the treaty negotiations are complete, the actual cost of compliance can only be estimated. However, in testimony before Congress, the Clinton Administration indicated that merely stabilizing emissions at 1990 levels by 2010 would require the equivalent of a $100 tax on each ton of CO2 emitted in the US. Other studies suggest it would require a tax of almost $200 per ton. For families, a tax or fee of $100 per ton of carbon dioxide is equal to:

26 per gallon of gasoline

25% increase (2 per kilowatt-hour) in household electric rates

25% increase ($1.49 per mcf) in natural gas prices

$52 per ton tax on coal (which generates 56% of US electricity)

Jobs in energy-intensive industries such as autos, aluminum, steel, and petroleum refining would be lost, and many of those jobs could be exported to developing countries that will not be affected by the treaty. A draft study by the US government suggests that by 2005 (even before the treaty is likely to go into full effect) 900,000 American jobs would be lost.

Why Should You Care About The Kyoto Treaty?

The science is still uncertain. Scientists cannot tell us how much and where temperatures will increase or, for certain, whether they will increase at all.

It will be very costly to American families. Fuel and electricity costs will go up and jobs at energy-intensive industries are likely to be lost.

It will export American jobs. While economic growth and job creation will be severely impacted in the United States, other nations will be free to continue emitting, growing their economies, and competing for jobs.

Small business will be among the first and most seriously affected.

It will not improve the environment. By 2015, greenhouse gas emission from developing countries will exceed those of the United States and other countries impacted by the treaty. Overall, global emissions will continue to grow. If global warming is real, the Kyoto Treaty is not a solution.


  1. Call the White House at the numbers above.


  1. Contact your Senators and ask them to oppose the ratification of the Treaty when it is presented to the Senate.


  1. Call as many radio talk shows as you can to urge people to join the Phone-In. (Phone list below)


  1. Call your local newspapers and radio stations now to let them know in advance about the Phone-In.


  1. Fax or mail this message to at least five other people (your whole list if possible).


  1. Make at least five photocopies of this to hand out to others.


Radio Talk Show List (11/97) National Center For Public Policy Research (202) 543-1286
Family News in Focus 719-531-3390
Chuck Baker-Host, KVOR on the Carpet 719-540-9200 719-579-0884
Jim Bohannon-Host, Jim Bohannon Show 703-413-8300 703-413-8422
Neal Boortz-Host, WSB Radio 404-897-7500 404-897-7593
Peter Bovies-Host, KOA Radio 303-297-3042 303-892-4849
David Brudnov-Evening Talk Host, WBZ Radio 617-787-7395 617-787-5969
John Carlson-Host, KVI-AM John Carlson Show 206-223-5700 206-516-3194
Kelly Carls-Host/Program Director, WLAC Radio 615-242-1411 615-242-3823
John Cigna-Host, KDKA Radio Talk Show 412-575-2440 412-575-2873
Blanquita "BQ" Cullum-Host, Radio America 202-408-0944 202-408-5188
Marilyn Cutler-Producer, Bob Grant Show WOR Radio 212-642-4552 212-921-4204
Mark Davis-Host, WBAP 817-695-0844 817-654-9227
Barry Farber-Host, United Stations Talk Radio 212-764-5800 212-398-6905
Jim Fisher-Host, WOC Radio 319-344-7000 319-344-7007
David Gold-Host, KLIF Radio 214-526-2400 214-520-4343
Roger Hedgecock-Host, KSDO-AM 619-278-1130 619-285-4364
Cheri Jimenz-Producer, Beverly LaHave Live 202-488-7000 202-488-0806
Bob Lee-Host, KSL Radio 1160 801-575-7670 801-575-7625
G. Gordon Liddy-Host, Radio Free DC WJFK Radio 703-691-1900 703-352-0111
Mary Maddoux-Producer, USA Radio Point of View 972-484-2020 972-243-3489
Marlin Maddoux, USA Radio Intl. Christian Broadcast 800-829-8111 972-484-0951
Rick Mangux-Exec. Producer, Good Day USA 202-337-8715 202-337-1174
Mary Matalin-Host, CBS Mary Matalin Show 202-608-1963 202-608-1991
Marie Mazberg, Rush Limbaugh Show 212-494-0367 212-563-7874
Mike McConnell-Host, WLW Radio 513-421-6397 513-241-5427
Michael Medved-Host, KVI-AM 206-223-5700 206-516-3194
Jan Michelson-Talk Host, Who Radio 515-242-3673 515-242-3794
Brad O'Leary-Host, O'Leary & Kamber 202-223-8700 202-659-5559
Bob Patrick-Producer, Equal Time CNBC 303-467-5412 202-467-0601
Michael Reagan-Host, Michael Reagan Show 818-380-6827 818-461-5493
Rita Rich-Producer, Jim Bohannan Show 703-413-8300 703-413-8442
Mike Rosen-Host, KOA Radio 303-893-8500 303-892-4849
Michael Savage-Host, KSFO Savage Show 415-954-8664 415-924-7992
Larry Schwartz-Producer, CBS Radio Gil Gross Show 212-975-7807 212-977-9676
Mike Siegel-Host, Mike Siegel Show 206-353-1380 206-355-6289
Don Smith-Producer, Talk Back Live CNN 404-827-3299 404-827-4295
Tom Starr, Talk America Radio Network 617-828-4546 617-828-3822
Tom Sullivan-Host, KFBK Radio 916-921-5525 916-921-5555
June Westguard-Contact, Paul Harvey News 312-899-4085 312-899-4088
Kirby Wilbur-Host, KVI-AM 206-223-5700 206-516-3194

For More Information Contact:

American Land Rights Association
Tel: CompanyPhone
FAX: CompanyFAX

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