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S 2098, a Companion Bill to HR 901 (The American Land Sovereignty Protection Act) Has Been Introduced in the Senate by Senator Ben Campbell (R-Colorado)

HR 901, The American Land Sovereignty Protection Act, and its Senate companion, S 2098, asserts the Constitutional power of Congress over management and use of lands belonging to the United States by requiring the specific approval of Congress before any area within the US is made a World Heritage Site or Biosphere Reserves. These international land reserves are created without the approval of Congress and with virtually no Congressional oversight.

Act Now to Get This Legislation Passed

Write or call both of your Senators and ask them to co-sponsor S 2098
The Capital Switchboard is: 202-224-3121
The address for all Senators is: The Honorable _________________
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20515

Talking Points

For More Information Contact:

American Land Rights Association
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FAX: CompanyFAX

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