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HR-701, the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA) has been referred to two other committees in the House of Representatives! After a great effort by the American Land Rights Association and taxpayer advocacy groups, the House leadership has decided to require review of CARA by BOTH the House Budget Committee and the House Agriculture Committee.

The Budget Committee will examine what programs will have to be cut back or eliminated to pay for HR-701’s $3 BILLION DOLLARS in pork barrel spending. This includes over ONE BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR for a land acquisition trust fund that will empower both federal and state agencies to force people off their land--it includes eminent domain.

The Agriculture Committee, which has jurisdiction over the Forest Service, will examine CARA’s proposed BILLION DOLLAR LAND ACQUISITION TRUST FUND, which will encourage land trusts, environmental groups and government agencies to harass inholders, farmers, ranchers, foresters, miners and others with vested rights and force them to sell.

CARA will also allow ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS to target for acquisition private land used for hunting and fishing. Once the land is under government control, they will lobby to eliminate hunting. This was done successfully this year when hunting, fishing and snowmobiling were eliminated on 139,000 acres in upstate New York.


Members of the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee are lining up in opposition to CARA. Congressman Ralph Regula (R-Ohio), Chairman of the Interior Subcommittee of Appropriations is speaking out against the bill. Here is what Federal Parks and Recreation Newsletter had to say:

Rep. Ralph Regula is leaving no doubt that he and his allies will oppose the bill. "It’s a mistake," said Regula. "An entitlement is not the way for us to be going. When the Park Service talks about a $5 billion maintenance backlog, and the Forest Service has a similar $5 billion backlog, when 30 percent of the land in this country is owned by the federal government, I don’t think it’s necessary to acquire more land," said Regula.


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