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CONGRATULATIONS TO NORTHERN FOREST ALLIES ----- So many groups and individuals worked their hearts out last week. The teamwork was terrific. However, the battle is not over. You succeeded in holding off most of the Northern Forest Stewardship Act (S-546) with your outstanding response to the sneak attack by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT). He tried to add S-546 to the Farm Research Bill (S-1150). It was a very close call. Without your united effort, the Stewardship Act might be law today.

Leahy did succeed in getting a few words added to S-1150, which will allow Federal agencies to work more aggressively in New York, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire. Leahy’s wording could mean additional funding for the Northern Forest Alliance and Federal involvement in research in the Northern Forests. All of us will have to work together to monitor this activity and keep it from expanding.

LEAHY CONTINUES HIS ATTACK -----No, you can’t let down. Senator Leahy has promised to continue to try to add the Stewardship Act (S-546) to any bill he can. He will not stop. This means a constant vigil by advocates of private property rights and those who do not want to see the Federal government take over the 26 million-acre Northern Forests. If you care about the future of your community, you’ll keep up your effort.

NEW "LEAHY WATCH" NEWSLETTER ORGANIZED ----- It’s no fun to play constant defense. It is much more fun to go on the attack. A group of organizations are putting together a list of all the ways Senator Leahy has sabotaged other forest, road and environmental legislation around the country. We’re going to put this information in the hands of all Senators and their staff on a regular basis. Leahy must be known as the destroyer of communities he is. He is a surrogate for the giant Green foundations. His name must be on the tip of the tongue of every Senator. That way they’ll be less likely to allow him to sneak his bill by you. You can help. Send ALRA any background on Leahy over the past ten years.

CONGRESSMAN BASS TRIES SNEAK ATTACK TOO ----- Charles S. Bass (R-NH) tried to help Leahy by attempting to add the House version of the Stewardship Act (HR-971) to the Forest Health bill that came to a vote last Friday. Bass quickly withdrew his proposal but it sends the clear signal that he and others will try to head off field hearings about the Stewardship Act if they can. Call Bass if you live in New Hampshire.

FIELD HEARINGS ARE THE KEY TO SAVING THE NORTH WOODS FROM THE FEDS ----- Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Representative John Baldacci did work to keep Leahy from being successful. Collins and Baldacci appeared to work harder than Snowe. It is essential that you keep calling and writing them to urge that dates for field hearings be scheduled. You need to let them know you will hold them responsible if they don’t do everything possible not only to hold field hearings, but to prevent Leahy from making a midnight attack on your private property and future. There is no question that they can stop Leahy if they want to bad enough. Their actions will show us what is in their hearts.

OTHER CONGRESSMEN AND SENATORS NEED CONTACTS TOO ----- No matter where you live, you need to push for field hearings from your Senators and Congressman. Call them at the Capitol Switchboard: Senate at (202) 224-3121 and the House at (202) 225-3121. You may write them at: Honorable________ , House of Representative, Washington DC 20515 or Honorable________ , US Senate, Washington DC 20510.

AMERICAN LAND RIGHTS USES FAX NETWORK ----- ALRA sent faxes not only to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermon and New York, but to all the states of the Senators and Congressmen on the Conference Committee for S-1150. We urged our allies to ask their members to turn Leahy down. The response was very positive.

HELP ALRA EXPAND THE FAX AND MAIL NETWORK ----- Give copies of this to at least five other people. If possible, send us the names, addresses, phone and fax numbers of at least five allies.

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