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Lycos Pulls Internet Plug on EnviroLink

Just 3 months after announcing its "innovative alliance" with EnviroLink, one of the leading search engine portals, Lycos, has abruptly terminated the relationship.. EnviroLink hosts more than 400 radical, and even violent, groups like Earth First!, Animal Liberation Front, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that advocate "direct action" and "civil disobedience" which we have seen in the form of terrorism.

Reported by Off-Road.com, the relationship was questioned and received a "scathing critique" entitled Search Engine Giant Sides with Radical Environmental Web-Haven -- May Soon Find Itself Searching for Customers.

Officially, Lycos says they terminated the relationship because of "fundamental disagreements about the intent of the contract." They also said that after reviewing Off-Road’s comments, the EnviroLink domain did post information that Lycos did not know about and would be misleading to their users.

EnviroLink’s annual budget is reported to be $180,000 and the Lycos contract would have contributed $100,000 this year. Losing this contract leaves EnviroLink with funds for only two months of operation.

To thank Lycos and offer support for this action, contact them at their website, www.lycos.com (feedback at bottom of home page) or regular mail 400-2 Totten Pond Rd, Waltham, MA 02154.

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