DRAFT LOG OF 7/20/04 Senate ENR hearing

prepared by Ray Kreig  [missed the first hour]  Ak time is first in black ; then digital file time in bold

Witnesses & Testimony

Panel 1
The Honorable Lynn Scarlett , Assistant Secretary, Policy, Management & Budget , Department of

Started recording 7:10 am Ak time (11:10 am ET) 0:00 during the questions at the end of Lynn Scarlett's testimony.

7:14 0:04 Lisa Murkowski I can't determine how we would fare
7:20 0:10 Alan Simpson asks for a list of all acquisitions in the last ten years to the ENR committee
7:25 0:15 didn't the LWCF pledge to limit the money spent on western states to only 15% Is that
7:29 0:19 Landrieu defending the $900 million LA gets. Domenici asks do you use any of it for
conservation? Her answer. All for education but its your choice right? yes

Panel 2
Scott A. Angelle , Secretary , Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
7:32 0:22 start we are losing a football field every 30 minutes Federal actions like the Levying of
the Mississippi River is causing this along with natural processes. !!!

Charles Jordan, Chairman, The Conservation Fund.  He is apparently from and urban parks
7:49 0:39 He is speaking for stateside land and water today not the conservation fund; no one ever talks about the urban parks and treasures
7:50 0:40 I hate competing with police fire etc parks are not basic services [may be some useful
things here to use]

John Baughman, Executive Vice-President, International Association of Fish & Wildlife
7:52 0:42 

Henry Diamond , Chairman , Americans for Our Heritage & Recreation
7:54 0:44

Nancie Marzulla , President , Defenders of Property Rights
7:57 0:47 Also testifying for the Keep Private lands in Private Hands Coalition. Invoked communism and the acquisition of ever more property. This bill moves us back toward communism. VERY GOOD!

Daniel Clifton , Federal Affairs Manager, Americans for Tax Reform
8:07 0:57 Assault on taxpayer and property rights.


8:10 1:00 Maria Cantwell

8:17 1:07 Chairman Domenici - Leveeing of Mississippi is responsible for your losing 25 sq miles per year LADNR agrees that scientists accept that!!! [ALRA report is the elephant in the room!! No more nonsense on that issue!]

Great questions from Domenici he is really drilling in on how LA uses its own money.

8:34 1:24 Landrieu question of Marzula trying to paint her as an extremist ; no parks
Where do the people that don't own a lake swim?

8:40 1:30 END

Senate Recording Studio 224-4977

90 minute Windows Media file available from Ray Kreig is 11MB.