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"FOR THE GOOD OF ALL" is a PBS "Frontline" documentary about land acquisition in the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area in Ohio by the National Park Service. If you want to see the damage done to a community by land acquisition and condemnation (eminent domain), this is the film for you. While "For the Good of All" examines the National Park Service, it is just as applicable to Forest Service, BLM and Fish and Wildlife Service areas. The techniques and tools the Federal agents use are the same.

Experts have acclaimed "For The Good Of All" as a landmark media investigation of a runaway Federal bureaucracy. You can watch as the film documents a four-year struggle for survival by a community in Ohio facing land acquisition and condemnation. Follow as real people are interviewed throughout their fight to keep their homes over the four years. See what finally happens to them, their families and their homes.

Anyone interested in understanding and fighting misconduct and abuse of rural residents by government land management agencies should order a copy of FOR THE GOOD OF ALL.  It is available from ALRA for $19.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling here.

If you want to download the video and have your own copy, open this page in Firefox and Click here (may take 10 or more min to load before you see anything).   


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