J.P. Tangen, editor
D(2), part 2 : a report to the people of Alaska on the land promises in ANILCA : 20 years later
2000, Alaska Miners Association, Anchorage, Alaska [out of print] (96 p.)

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            Cover, Table of Contents, p 5 Preface (Senator Ted Stevens)
p 7 -    Promises Broken (Steven C. Borell, P.E.)
p 11 -  Background on ANILCA and strategies that Alaskans used to combat the Lockup of Public Lands in the State (C. C. Hawley, Ph.D. and Vernon R. Wiggins)
p 18 - An Interview with the Former Federal Co-Chairman of the Alaska Land Use Council (J. P. Tangen, Esq.)
p 21 - ANILCA'S Effect on Alaska's Mineral Lands and Deposits (C. C. Hawley, Ph.D.)
p 24 - The Quartz Hill Experience (Chris Hesse and Gene Smith)
p 31 - The Battle of the Boot (David Heatwole, P.G.)
p 42 - ANILCA Promises Broken: The Demise of the Kantishna Mining District (Lawrence V. Albert, Esq.)
p 53 - BLM Input to the d(2) Lands Debate (George Schmidt, P.E.)
p 56 - The Real ANILCA (Bill Horn, Esq.)
p 59 - Alaska Land Use Before and After ANILCA (Paula P. Easley)
p 63 - Bering Land Bridge National Preserve (Cheryl Jong)
p 66 - Recarpeting ANILCA: Is it the carpet or the carpet layers who need replacing? (Father J. Michael Hornick, J.C.L.)
p 75 - Federal Promises: Should They Just be Water Under the Bridge (Jules V. Tileston)
p 80 - Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980— Promises Broken (Steven C. Borell, P.E.)
p 87 - ANILCA—Promises versus Performance (James S. Burling, Esq.)
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