The criminal indictment of Robert Hale (Papa Pilgrim) last week on charges of assault and abuse against one of his own children is appalling and tragic.  In working with the family over the last two years ALRA never observed anything out of order and we had no reason to believe that any misconduct by Papa Pilgrim was taking place.

The immediate concern of all must be that the children be looked after, protected, and given every chance to recover and thrive.  Our heart goes out to them.

Today, two years later, the land issues remain the same.  The National Park Service is still blockading reasonable and feasible access to the McCarthy Creek homestead where the mother and her younger children continue to live.  Almost all of the property is owned (and always has been owned) by the victims of this latest criminal development: the children.  Their absolute right to access to their property continues.

The American Land Rights Association will stand by these children and all other Alaskans that are facing unjust access restrictions to their lands affecting their daily lives.  Now more then ever before it is critical that the Pilgrim children get a fair deal so that they may have the opportunity to move on from recent events.

You have to admire their courage and the resiliency of their statement, "Our lives are filled with joy and hope of a new life before us."

Pilgrim family statement: www.pilgrimfamily.com 


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