Photos of the McCarthy Creek - Green Butte Mine Road

contributed by 
Eleanor Tjosevig Eidemiller

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Maintenance shack-sm.jpg (156261 bytes) Nils Tjosevig (dad), Stella Watsjold, Mrs. Garrity, Judy Tjosevig, Eleanor Tjosevig, & Jean Tjosevig (mom) at a maintenance shack along the McCarthy Creek Road (circa 1925 to 1928)
Typical bridge-sm .jpg (262582 bytes) John Barrett and Nils Tjosevig at a typical bridge crossing on the McCarthyCreek Road. Note the electric power pole in the upper left of the picture. (circa 1925-1928)
GB_RoadTunnel-sm.jpg (103473 bytes) Model T at Green Butte Road Tunnel ( circa 1925 to 1928)
Model T-sm.jpg (134161 bytes) Tjosevig Model T on Green Butte Road ( circa 1925 to 1928)
Horse drawn sleds-sm.jpg (122006 bytes) Horse drawn sleds hauling Green Butte copper ore down the McCarthy Creek Road to the CR&NW Railroad at the McCarthy Depot (circa 1925).
Tjosevig Model T-sm.jpg (193160 bytes) Tjosevig Model T at McCarthy Creek Road Tunnel #2 (circa 1925 to 1928)
McCarthy Creek Road tunnel 1974-sm.jpg (96594 bytes)

McCarthy Creek Road tunnel taken during trip to Green Butte by Eleanor Tjosevig (1974)