United States Department Agriculture, Forest Service
Ozark-St. Francis National Forests
P.O. Box 1008
Russellville, AR 72801

Dear Interested Citizen:

President Bush signed the Arkansas Wild & Scenic Rivers Bill on April 22,1992, that included six rivers on the Ozark National Forest, They include:
Mulberry, Big Piney, Hurricane, Buffalo, North Sylamore and Richland Creek.

I want to assure all citizens of Arkansas and especially the land inholders adjacent to the congressionally designated Wild and Scenic River segments that there will be no federal effort to condemn or control private land. Citizens of Arkansas expressed similar concern during the roadless area evaluations of the late 1970's and early 1980's just before the Arkansas Wilderness Bill was passed in 1984. There have been no condemnations or efforts to control those private lands adjacent to wilderness areas, and there will not be any on Wild and Scenic River segments.

I understand the strong desire to maintain the individual rights of the private landholder and intend. to honor those rights in every respect. I am confident that the private landholder and other interested citizens have an interest in the Wild and Scenic River segments and will be partners with the Forest Service in helping maintain the integrity of the river segments.

We need your input as we move forward in future planning to maintain and enhance the values of these rivers and their corridors. The next step is to establish the final boundaries for the corridors on National Forest lands. The original Wild & Scenic Rivers Act of 1968 established a one year time frame to accomplish this phase.

Criteria to be used will include:

The corridor boundaries will define the management area for each stream. After boundaries are established, the next step will be the development of a management plan for each River. Current management prescriptions (Amendment #2 to the Forest Land & Resources Management Plan) provide protection in the following ways:

The management plans will provide for establishing management objectives on each segment of the rivers depending on how it is classified in the Act; i.e., Wild, Scenic, or Recreational.

It will include specific management requirements for recreation use, safety, sanitation, outfitting and guiding, fish and wildlife, water, vegetation, structures and improvements, transportation system, minerals, cultural resources, research, insect and disease, visual resources, fire, signing and other significant aspects as identified by the public.

Monitoring and evaluation requirements will be established in each management plan to measure how well we are implementing the plans and to determine adjustments which are needed.

Enclosed is a copy of a "question & answer" pamphlet, along with a comment sheet, requesting your comments and an opportunity to help us on the rivers you select. Please complete the comment sheet and return it to us.

Thank you,

Forest Supervisor